This is a Roleplay map designed for up to 64 players.

It includes:

45+ Apartments
A Big Bank + 2 ATMs
A four level police station with jails and an execution room
A two level hospital
6 stores
A gas station with working soda machine
4 big homes
A shooting range
A bar
A working elevator in one of the apartment complexes
A killbox
4 secret rooms
A teleporter in the hospital that teleports you to the bank and vice versa (Press e on the 1st phone)
Police barracks w/teleporter to PD
A secret underground vault that can only be accessed by pressing several secret buttons around the map (In the vault is a teleporter to Breen’s room)
A big base next to bank
A button in top floor of PD that can lockdown the police station.
A camera in the PD.

Enjoy and have fun! :slight_smile:




Link to download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=73398

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong Section" - Terrenteller))

I can guarantee you that no matter how well you make this map, it will not be able to support even a quarter of this without lagging.

Looks quite blocky and lighting is not very good.

i’m going to try this map the now i’ll write back here once i’ve tryed it

edit why was he banned ??? it’s in the right area

i’ve justed tryed this map it lags really bad HDR is not made right it’s too bright and it’s a little blocky fix them and your map should be ready

Maybe he was banned because he put it in the wrong area first, and then the mod moved it and banned him for the wrong section placement? Hmmm?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Anyways, it’s pretty good-looking. I just wish someone would include some PHX-tracks <:(

Looks like it could be interesting but the frame rate is terrible. I assume because of the river of fast crabs scrambling underneath the map.

Low frame rate, blocky, horrible HDR, and bad lighting. Ick.

Procure a superior server and internet connection.

It won’t matter pro, because SRCDS is single threaded.

i had a look at the map i like the detail how ever in single player it kept freezing…and dont bother saying its my pc cause i have a hi end pc.

There are ways to improve server and map performance without just adding more cores to a CPU.

well u make better then!

yeah i know, and?
i heard intel discontinued all faster processors and now is only selling one that has many low performance cores.

Erm, I use faster processor… I was meant to :smiley: I have C2D E6320 3.6 GHz, but I don’t think it’s better even if some processors have 3.0 ghz, like E8400, but they are better at all, because they have more memory, and other small stuff what makes it better, even with lower ghz.