Welcome to Cherryton WIP progress thread.

:siren: Warning nothing is set in stone. :siren:



Office building (4 floors plus rooftop)







Hotel (Has pool)



City Municpal Building




City Vehicle Storage

  • Missing images :frowning:

Parking lot


Street View


Have a suggestion, question, or want to help?

  • Make a post if I like your suggestion, Then I’ll gladly accept.


  • **Why cherryton? ** I use live and grew up in a city called appleton. Since Wisconsin is a farming state I thought why not adapt a new to a roleplay map with a twist.
  • Am I new to mapping? No, use to map alot but dropped it as soon as the late EP1 update to Day of Defeat Source. May people within the garry’s mod community do know me and that I could map.
  • Why make a map now? I closed down a community I ran for a year and a half. I learned a lot of stuff within the garry’s mod community and thought why not create a good quality roleplay map. There aren’t many big quality roleplay maps. Most are small.

As of right now Im starting to work on the inside of the buildings and fix up the studio. I still have alot of stuff to don’t. If I can later i will scan my blue print which include 40+ buildings.

not worth a thread

Right and your a moderator who dictates what should be posted and what not?


look at the stuff posted in the map pimpage thread and look back at your map. needless to say, your map looks dreadfully shit compared to the pimpage thread.

no-one will care about your map because it’s shit and you obviously need more experience mapping, especially if you consider making a map or a WIP thread because we don’t want to watch the progress of a shitty map.

for the most part you’re very lazy with your brushwork, the lighting appears to be some stock shit, and the pool looks like something I’ve seen from minecraft

Looks like I will have to repeat my self twice again. Nothing is set in stone. This is obvious a WIP progress thread. Theres a reason why I spammed lighting through out the building that needed them was to show how big and open they are before I start working on them. As for the pool I state in the OP the hotel was being worked on same with all buildings. But your so blantlying obvious ready to troll. If you wish to troll go to 4chan or youtube.

Well, this is better off than what I can make I have to admit. I’m no expert at mapping but this does need more cleaning up. But its still nice. :v:

Oh god the lighting makes me want to vomit.

Ain’t the worst map I have seen… But it need’s alot of work.

Thankfully you ahev the respect not to troll.

I’ll post updates later but studio got dramatically changed.

No trolls have posted in this thread.

you need to align your textures in picture #10

and i think you got to many trucks on the street

Well, I ain’t a troll. I have been here almost 2 years… And I Think most of the people here respect me like I respect them.

As people say… Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Nobody’s been trolling you dude. The reason they don’t like the pictures you’ve posted is because it looks sort of bland and strange at the moment. You’ve got standard lighting and some quite boring brushwork. It doesn’t look horrible, but it could sure use an overhaul. But I’ve seen worse maps gone from bad to good, so I won’t judge this yet.

I like how you think I’m trolling even though I’m not. Maybe your map will be the best RP map ever and will be oh so intricate, but all of us don’t want to see shit like this because it shows absolutely nothing about your mapping skill and isn’t in any way worthy of a thread.

You need to get your definition of “troll” fixed anyway

Those trucks were there for preceptive view of how big the street is towards the center of the map.

Also pic 10(City Municipal Center) aren’t the best quality. I’m still seeking and tweaking stuff. I might just trash the building as it’s over sized and sloppy.

I’m not one to judge early during a maps development, so I hope to see it look nice in time. :smile:

Heh, looks like nothing is going to change.

Look’s good but it need’s some more work. Add some props and finish texturing and it will look much better. Also add a 3DSkybox.

It’s not the greatest, but it’s a start I guess. I’d suggest changing the lighting and add a bit more complexity to your buildings. In the wide open buildings with multiple windows, make it into many rooms, secret compartments, and extra features. If it’s an RP map, you would want to have many different apartment or house blocks.

Keep it up.

Classy for beginners. Allow me to have an input in this. The thing is, most of your buildings are pretty much cubes with building textures on them, and the insides are empty and hollow and generally, just plain dull. Try and google actual photos of buildings and learn that real life architecture is not that basic and simple. Try and add a variety.

As for your lighting, everything is white, plain white and dull, and hardly match the scene.


Notice how the image above has lights that look weird. Take a few seconds to notice how the light sources (ceiling lamps in this case), walls, and the ceiling are just dark; only the floor being somewhat lit. This is not exactly realistic and you should probably fix that as well.