Hi all. So this is basically a post which should explain why my Brooklyn map (RP_ANDROMEDA) is taking a while, I’ve been working on a side private project for a community. I’ve tasked my self to make a new map based in Chicago. It’s not based on any real area, but it has two main components, suburbs and a part of the city. Its downsized. This map is me testing what I have learnt from my old map, which will be released soon. Here are some pictures. From what I’ve been told, I doubt this will be released publicly. But we’ll possibly reconsider around the time of opening.

There is not too much I can really say right now. Specifications are similar to my Brooklyn map see here; http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1567300

Enough talk, here are the screenies!


This here is the beginning of the Chicago downtown area. Here you’ll find a build up of sky scrappers. I’m considering the Willis Tower. But I feel that will be in the skybox.


This is a very early development version. I’ll be sure to publish new screenshots as the weeks go by!

I finally got round to getting some new screenshots.

This is a request to anyone who lives in Chicago, out side, near it or has been to it. Having not knowing the area at all. It is very hard for me to find good locations, or even a starting point. As you could probably tell, I have been working hard on making the map detailed. Capturing the alley ways in my opinion is very important, as is the cities infrastructure.

Currently I am basing building designs of what I have seen in the game watch_dogs. I was wondering if people could post some interesting buildings, or stylized buildings from Chicago, that could be easily made in source, and repeated with various alterations. It was not too hard, to capture the iconic image of New York, especially since I have been there. So any input would be great. Bear in mind, this is not limited to one area of Chicago. Like all my maps, they are a composite of different areas. Think of them as extremely downsized versions of the real world locations.

Also, from what i have seen, Chicago has a different style of street lights and stop lights (hence why there are none) if anyone could point me into the direction of some street props, that could greatly improve the environment in terms of detail, whilst staying true to the location of Chicago, it will be great.

Thanks a lot!

Looks awesome.

I would like to add though, you don’t have to add a dramatic angle to every screenshot, lol.

Anyway, the nice thing about Chicago and its’ suburbs is that many buildings are already pretty blocky (of course not ignoring details) and the streets are a pretty clear grid, so that’ll make things easier.

Even if you just make a couple blocks, this could be a really nice map. Also, don’t forget the 3D skybox, Chicago has a neat skyline.

Also, these road textures might help too. Credit to Xanadu.

Oh so you like dramatic camera angels? Heheh. Thanks for that location. I’m liking the building with the slanted roof top.

As for dramatic angels. I present the latest areas on the map.









Chicago does employ a lot of different styles lights. Its going to be what you normally see for the US. signals can be on a pole, single arm, two arms. Depending on what assets you have, you likely already have something for this. No one will really notice it as “Wow, authentic chicago signals!” You can probably find something within L4D/L4D2 assets to accomplish the lights well.

Adding the L really only feels Chicago if you focused on the Loop and the way it sits between the skyscrapers. Wheres the Chicago River or Lake Michigan?

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You can ditch the suburbs unless you want to give a concept of traveling as well. The city of Chicago is expansive. At the south end, you can find the iconic field of bungalo homes with an airport sitting in them.
The north, you can follow Milwaukee Ave and get some good reference for buildings. Also, the 6 points (Irving Park, Milwaukee, Cicero avenues). Focus on more of the neighborhoods of Chicago.

And don’t use watch_dogs for reference. Google maps/Street view is a very nice way of getting some references.

The map is really cool, but please stop using the camera tool to change the perspective of your screenshots.
It looks very weird and it makes it hard to evaluate the real scale and proportions of the map and its areas.

So, with what I have now. What neighborhood would you suggest. I’m looking at https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/N+Cicero+Ave,+Chicago,+IL,+USA/@41.8943878,-87.6484649,50a,35y,144.75h,79.01t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x880fcc4ff7d6a411:0xd870210752d88fe!8m2!3d41.9479416!4d-87.7470878 as I feel the sky box could be really nice. Thanks for the great input.

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Yea. I do it to hide out the missing parts mainly. You should be glad they are not at 90 Degree angels with snapchat dog filters over them :wink:

Well that is where the northern commuter rails lead into Ogilvie Transportation Center. Which is apart of CN&W’s old terminus. This is where the commuter rails from the north, and northwest suburbs feed in.
OTC Terminus

In majority of the city you will find that theres two types of rail. The aforementioned is the commuter rail which is operated under Metra. EMD-F40PH, EMD-F59PH and MP36 engines, with Nippon Sharyo BiLevels. Then there is the L, which are Bombardier electric trains. NYC assets can work with this with minor protest.
Metra and the L do meet up many times within the city outside the main terminals.
One being which is Jefferson Park, where CTA services (bus, L) and the UPNW Commuter line meets up.
Jefferson Park Transportation Center

For neighborhoods it all depends on what you want.

This is a primitive boarder of what is Chicago. In the back by Ohare (the large airport) you’ll notice a large swath of trees on the Des Plaines river. One interesting place will be Oak Park, where you find beautiful homes, some of which are developed from Frank Lloyd. From there you can go east and end up in Austin which is plighted and riddled with crime. Again, I recommend exploring the 6 points, theres also Humboldt Park which is a under-gentrification neighborhood. Going to the south, theres neighborhoods like Oak Lawn (where Chicago got hit by a F4 tornado lol) and Blue Island. More bungalo type homes, but also a lot late 19th, early 20th homes. You can find these around in this Area

Also a nice skybox of Chicago’s skyline will do best for sources limitations and since you’re focusing more of the city outside the loop.
Things to keep in mind, there is only a couple at-grade rail crossings in Chicago. It was mandated that all rail lines where to be elevated, or roads will go over the tracks. Exemptions will be for a couple rail yards and terminals.
Let me know what you’re trying to capture within Chicago and I can surely give you some good focal points.

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Also if you want to incorporate some of the suburban towns, Elgin is a very interesting old city which is a suburb of Chi and sits in the Fox River valley. Beautiful victorian homes, and its old ass skyscraper that doesnt have AC.

Cabrini-Green is also interesting. This used to be a notorious housing project for the northside which is going through demolition phases. Look at the Francis Cabrini homes, which should be the final remnant of the old housing complex.

You are actually so useful, thanks a lot! As for Oak Park, yes that is a great area. Thanks again!

My pleasure. Let me know if you would like some other references for Chicago. I can surely point you to some nice areas.

I like the map but I’ve been to chicago many time this is looking to be more focused on the ghetto side of it (run down). The city is a lot more modern this has more of an outdated look. I think I would recommend to add a small/large city part if possible. Having a nicer area then adding a ghetto.

A lot of Chicago is older with exemptions to recently gentrified neighborhoods, the loop, or mid/high-rise residential buildings. The types of buildings Borris is already using can be applied to many neighborhoods of the city.

And I totally agree with it. I guess what I was trying to see this is a older time chicago and the newer more modern is what people see (tourists)


legit though, you need pictures or anything let me know

With the great information provided, and the areas I had already started. I have continued to develop the southern part of the map. I have pulled various buildings from various locations, granted they are not iconic, they were appealing to the eye, can could be made very easily in source. I’ll begin making the ward district soon, with houses, lest clean streets etc. I’ve focused on details. Please excuse the low frame rate, the map is drawing everything at once. Also, some images are of areas I have shown, but this is mainly for comparison in terms of progress and changes/ Enjoy







This image shows the size of a TDM Dodge Ram, just to give a sense of scale




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Also, how do blend textures work? And are they optimized? I saw them used on the new Dust2. And was thinking of the things I could do with them. Could make for some interesting ground textures!

Blend textures are used on displacements, you can use them to smoothly transition texures and add noise to break up repeating textures.

IIRC, displacements are actually easier to render them brushes and would give a slight FPS increase.

Kinda, while it does offer some rendering benefits you can kill compile times if you use x4 on the displacements, or you use too much of them and you don’t get your visleafs to generate properly.
One major benefit is that you will be able to cut down on brushes/faces by using displacements, and there is no hard limit for them.
You should use func_detail/solid geometry when possible though. Having large buildings made out of displacements will just cause headaches for players.