rp_chillout needs help*

Hello Everyone I’m ATIX
A while back I got influenced by RP since my friend got me gmod10, I never thought i would play it long enough until we discovered dark RP ha!~

My [zP] Friend is thinking of hosting an rp server but is not sure yet since hosting a 30 slut server is expensive (Anyone interesting in helping out, please donate here http://www.gameservers.com/clanpay/?clanid=5925f0aa25a2bf164488d099e8bd272c, *we plan on customizing some kick ass relevant job classes and This would be the first server we would host the map with the additional custom scripts

But anyways


*I Will need help with this map, because I can’t map all this by myself :frowning: so If you would be interested in helping out please post below, with at least 1 screen shot of your best work and what could you do to help out :smiley:
*Name is still a placeholder,
*The aim is to have similar size layout of downtown v2 (I still think that downtown is successful because of it’s mid/small size compared to those huge rp maps
*the central location of this map would be the 3 intersecting streets
*Maybe 2 pawn shops with different stuff for resell
*A hospital ?
*a junkyard

(I was thinking in this map, I could have a way that it Requires you to have a vehicle to get out of the city,( and what I mean by that is just one simple road only accessible with a vehicle entity that could just trigger open an invisible door :stuck_out_tongue: ) and their would be a bank down the road which could be robbed to gain 200 or 300k out of it.
So you see it requires you to invest in a car to get more money (: Also you would need to buy an expensive C4 for around $50,000 to break into the bank. (and the bank could only be assaulted once every server restart)- my friend is negative about the idea, but what do you guys think?
-he is currently making me a bank to place somewhere in the map so anyone could shelf items you don’t want to carry around such as: money printers, weapons, drugs? (And there would be a person that could play the role of the banker, to allow by a push of a button to open their locker)
*another random thought is, If somebody manages to get 100k to buy a car and c4, once they try and assault the bank, their would be npc’s you can kill, but the police would be notified by a ring after the explosion goes off, triggering a garage that opens on the side of the police station with 2 accessible police cars. Plus the bank would have a camera that police could always be watching (:

We are looking for a script similar to Dark RP just with some extra features coded in like:

Hunger - I know that’s available
so the cook has to sell food
Whore - clients pay a minimum of $50 to $300 and your health goes higher temporary
(although the only way she can get payed is by reporting her Clients to the bartender(which is the pimp) so if she has sucked up 6 clients and reports it in, she gets 3,000 and bartenders get 500 ( I think also the bartender should be allowed to sell drugs in his bar)
drug dealer - (already done, but the seller needs to take drugs once in a while or he’l die (since his addicted to it ha)
Car dealer - i am not sure about this one, but I prefer a NPC that could do it, Is it possible to assign an NPC to this? so you could buy a vehicle, although it would cost A lot of money that mostly no one can’t afford. $50,000 :stuck_out_tongue:
Medic - he should spawn med kits for resell at a high cost for additional health
NPC COP gun dealer at police station, so only officers can buy good weapons for cheap.

So please post your suggestion and opinions, and thanks for your time!!

great looking map dude! really good so far

Looks great so far, I wish I could help but I’m busy mapping for my mod :frowning:

Holy hell thats a great looking map.

I’m not a very good mapper thou, but i sure hope you do find someone.

i already took the name, it was a shit map, hands over name Bye!

ps nice map :smiley:

Well then I will change the name of the map, but anyways thanks everyone for your nice comments, Anyone read the entire thread? Since I’m wondering if I should add an additional road that could allow only people with vehicles to pass through, and on the other end their would be bank that could be assaulted, but would require you to have A Car for 50k and a C4 for 50k to blow it up…

*Plus if you know anyone that is willing to help out on this map, Please let them know about this thread, as This map is aimed to compete with downtown V2

Well, from the screenshots it kicks Downtown’s concrete ass. I can’t map for shit, but if I could then I would help. I wish you luck in finding a mapper; I would love to see this done.

The buildings are a little too blocky though, would be nice to have some curves / triangles :stuck_out_tongue:

I Would help but im working on a map called RP_Internaltrust_V1 but good luck ! :stuck_out_tongue:

30 slut server, awesome ! :buddy:

Honestly, I don’t think you need help at all.

Looks awesome so far. I agree though, you need to add more curves/arches/use the clipping tool on some things.

ha~ to be honest their is Nothing done from the interior, right now I am just experimenting with the main layout of the map, as what would work best to keep people centered in 2 locations where all the chaos could go down :slight_smile: after that, then I’m on to building the interior and outside details… some friend says it looks like vice city style, but heck I haven’t played that game. But it’s all good if get something looking like the streets of Miami for all those scarface fans.
Anyone got suggestions ideas let me know damn it!! as I plan on transferring my original featured entity’s from my second upcoming helicopter map to this map ;o

Well, here is a suggestion:
That fountain, make it a circular one… Square fountains are gross. Make it look nice.

Aren’t you the guy who was making ‘rp_enema_v1’ ? (i lol’d)

The buildings are not blocky at all, a nice interior would suit it perfectly.