rp_chillside MIP (map in progress)

Community Map Project: rp_chillside

Hello community of mapping artist, this monumental project needs your help, It is unfortunate to say that I have lost motivation to continue it, and Would love to see it finished by you guys. Please keep us updated what’s new and what part of the map you are working on this thread post:
Map currently needs:
-Optimization ( func_areaportals names & organization, func_areaportalwindows, func_detail, model view distances, ocean skybox, nodraw)
-Architecture (Interior rooms, interior shops, details and underground )
(please keep the map size similar to downtown_v2


If you are contributing work to this map please do so in forms of this example: rp_chillside_a2 a3, a4, etc.

Holy shit! Awesome.

Looks nice. I probably cannot help with it though, i’m working on my own stuff. Good luck on it though.

-snip for memory fail-

It’s the same guy.

This is the original author.


I like this, If I had any idea how to map I would take this on, but I hope someone does.

My bad.
I thought i remembered it being someone else.

oh shit, looks great. Looks like I might have to give this a try.

Way to lose interest in GM RP before telling me you even liked it. Shit. :frowning:

wow, nice map!

does it have ai nodes?

The effort put into this so far looks extreme. Although I can’t shake off something telling me that some of these buildings are just prefabs I’ve seen before.