This is my new map that i finished a few hours ago.

It has a lot of space to build.

It contains
-a police station
-a bank
-a villa
-and much, much more

Video coming soon.
If many people like it and download it i’ll make a v.2.


Add lighting

At least it’s in the right section already

Oh dear…Full bright…

Defiantly needs lighting.

EDIT due to new info: Add the credits you thief.

I swear I recognise this map from somewhere.

I might be wrong but this looks like someones map they released the .wmf for on FP because they didn’t finish it.

Exactly my thoughts, can’t just remember it…

Orginal creator relased vmf.



you ninja you


You took the vmf, tore decent buildings out of it and shoved them in your map.
Not cool.

Good luck getting any respect around here now.

I just played the map and there is a “ATIX.tk” sign on top of one of the buildings.

His been caught.

Why is there no lighting?
Why are textures stretched?
Why are some textures missing?
Why is there a door into nothing in the third picture?
Why have you stolen elements of this map from someone else?
Why does an RP map need building space?
Why are you planning on making a version 2 when the current map version is Alpha 1?
Why did you make this map?

Can i be honest here…what happened to people releasing in the Releases section? Seriously. Its fullbright but other than that it’s not bad. just work on your lighting.

jonoPorter that’s not cool :frowning: I’ve worked very hard on this map for the community to improve upon, and now you claim it yours. Please add credits and link to the vmf, and If you are going to release it do so in a different alpha name such as rp_chillside_a2 and so on.
-map vmf available here in the official release section of this forum