Rp_Christmastown 2

Lock please

I very much look forward to this. :smile:
Looks amazing! (Especially the second screenshot.)

Oh goddamn yes, this is going to be awesome.

I like the kitchens.

Looks awesome this is going to be a great gmod christmas!

Hmm, there’s more content of mine :v: (If you doesn’t have yet).
Feel free to reskin/alternate.
There’s some decent track props for your railroad.

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And every winter map needs a sauna :v:

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Here’s some good references i found:





See if you can steal the jukebox model from L4D2 to use instead of that fallout 3 one.

Awesome as always, although it doesn’t have that christmastown feel it used to have.

I remade christmas town a few years ago, Im really looking forwards to this~

This is awesome, though it’s Halloween today.


Have to start early to get done on time. Also I have changed the apartments a little bit. They have a couple windows now. The apartment building is a lot bigger than I thought it would be so we will see how long it lasts. I like it, its just a bit larger than the previous one.

christmastown is my favorite map of all time. glad to see a new one’s being made. can’t wait.

Sgt, if isn’t much to ask… Maybe you could look into making a TTT variant with some traps/special features?
None the less… The interiors are amazing!

Great to see old maps like these revived again, this was certainly one of my favorites at the time.

Picture of the slightly changed apartments that now give a view out to the park.



And whats this? A new area?


I really didn’t expect to see a v2 of this map. But it looks really nice ^^

Looking forward!

The bar that is down that hallway.


The sprites don’t look quite right, try World Space Glow instead of Additive, if that’s what’s causing the clipping.

They seem way too bright with that setting.


I am trying to find a better solution.