[release][tab]Name:[/tab] RP_ChristmasTown

[tab]Version:[/tab] Final

[tab]Description:[/tab] Christmas themed RP Map

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] The game, that is it.




Well the long wait is over, Christmas is fast approaching, so what better way to celebrate? How about a new map? That’s what I did. RP_ChristmasTown is finally here! The map has really no sole purpose, I just wanted something fun and nostalgic we can all play and enjoy.
Building List
Apartment building (2 studios and 2; 1 bedrooms)
Café Snowfall
The High Rise
Gas Station (for sale with removable for sale sign)
Robyn’s Interiors
Santa PC and Repair
Tides (novelty store)
Police Station
Train Station
Big House (code is hidden somewhere not in the map, figure it out and don’t blurt it out it ruins the fun, it is not that hard to find. Besides not much is hidden in the house it is just pretty.)

The map also has a song player, with 6 songs, 3 by Elvis… that’s right Elvis, if you don’t like it too bad, it was something I threw in for my dad. Anyway only play one at a time or all 6 will play, to get rid of this just walk over to the wall near the mayor’s house and walk back they will all be off again. The system is crude but gets the job done.

Report any missing textures or models, there shouldn’t be any I checked but I am not perfect. Enjoy!

If you are having problems with a server please do the following, thank you Mr. 23 for the solution.

Attention GMOD 10 users. If you cannot find the map look at the picture below. I did this because some people could not find it.


Oh my god it’s out awosome!

Wow this looks amazing!

Wow, this is a very good map! I really like how the lights glow, it gives the map a more christmas look.

Beautiful, dude. I love your maps. Keep it up!

Congratulations on getting it out. Looks nice and I am sure it will be great to play on!

I am downloading it now, i can wait to play it.

Please make a mirror! For some reason Filefront is giving me an error… :mad:

This is cool man I love it a star for you my friend

Engine error…it isn’t working

Very nice! I love it!

What, in the game? what does it say? Worked for me so yeah I will test again.

Creating server…Unable to load authentication library …Exiting…Hl2.Exe - Application error…Crash

I will be back shortly to see if I can fix it.

Works in single player not mulitplayer

That’s not the map that’s gmod. Anyways I got the link to work. Strange, right after I downloaded it I crashed.


Nevermind the link is still fucked up.

Man i wish it would work same error. (Single player does work i used god/buddha to get in the mayors house

By the way people with the “Unable to load authentication library error” it’s your gmod not the map…

What do you mean my gmod , how can i fix it?

Yes it is finally out! Sgt. you are my hero!