I never thought I would enjoy playing Darkrp so much, mostly because there are so many things to laugh about as you play in a semi-serious community.

Interesting, but it should be posted in the comics section.

I did not realize that there was a comic section, if I make more I will be sure to post them there. Thank you for letting me know.

Way too true, but I’m pretty sure “rp_” is a prefix for maps.

Call it the “Untold Story of Gmod RP”…Or something along those lines.

lol nice one

Pretty good, except that 99% of the DarkRP cops either shoot you at instant or attempts to.

I like it. I reckon these comics could be awesome if you kept going.

The ‘mine’ part was from a movie of which the name I have forgotten, but it’s still pretty funny.

Finding Nemo?

Also, like what Freakie said, the cops would of probably shot him at instant. Because that totally punishes the player in DarkRP :downs:

Too true, I remember one time I was playing the police arrested this guy, had him die in jail, and then lined up at the spawn point and just killed him over and over again. BTW, I will be making another comic, thank you everyone for your comments.