rp_City01 , Half Life 2 RP based map in progress

Introducing City 01, my first project in Hammer Tool, a city built in the spirit of the roaring twenties and inspired heavily by the artwork of Bioshock’s Rapture and empathizing primarly on my most favourite art style out of all: Art Deco.

I’m am building a map that can accomodate all types of roleplay, fit for all types of players in order to offer a fresh breath into the life of HL2RP. Below is a list of all facilities that the map shall have for the players to use:

  • A small street shopping complex with 3 shops and one barber shop, each having a second floor to be utilized either as an apartment or for additional business purposes, and plenty more shops/cafes/business space around the map
  • ‘The Condor’ Casino/Restaurant in the plaza, together with it’s stage for theatral represenations or music shows
  • A factory for work cycles
  • A small ration distribution center located just above the main entrance to the Nexus.
  • A small underground mine fit for mining cycles and other types of things
  • Two slums separated by the main canal of the city, one small and one medium, each with their own landmarks and all, including an abandoned garbage disposal facility or slum apartments
  • A public pool with a sauna
  • A public gymnasium with a boxing stage, fit for citizens or loyal citizens to come and train or maybe organize wrestling fights for bets, etc…
  • A small Civil Medical Union clinic
  • Civil Workers Union HQ with offices and a large stage for political rallies, union affiliated religious sermons or just public debates, etc
  • Abandoned metro system and a small sewer system for anti-citizen RP
  • Underground Cave to supplement the missing outlands set, fit for Overwatch missions, antlion events, rebels, etc…
  • Underwater Nexus, with prison camp and anything the CCA needs
  • 4 apartment blocks, each containing a number of different hosing appartments

One thing last before I present you the screenshots, I’d like to post my paypal link for donations, in case there are people out there that would like to support me and my project, for I do this out of my free time and purely out of leisure and dedication for the HL2RP gamemode that I love and I hope will continue to live on:










Looks very promising although I think the lighting needs to be a lot sharper, i.e. more contrast.

Also ~decals

Keep going!

Returning with an update: the city’s layout has been drastically changed

Most servers have a problem with Citizen RP, I’ve decided to adjust the map accordingly to the needs of Citizen RP. Here’s a list of what the map will contain in it’s playable first version:

4+ plaza shops
1 hair saloon
1 public pool and sauna ( ART DECO STYLE OFC)
Union-propaganda gaming arcade (inspired by the manhack arcade)
1 primary leisure restaurant/casino with stage in the plaza
OPTIONAL I might include a small gymnasium for boxing and matches like these between the citizens, where players can gather and place bets and shit
A small hospital ran by CMU
Industrial factory
CWU HQ with a big scene for political rallies, religious UU-related sermons and/or just general meetings
And many more

Some of these listed things have already been incorporated, others will follow.







FYI the nexus in this map is actually an underwater complex of buildings


(it even has a prison)


Your maps looking pretty good, although id be careful on just how much fine brushwork you put in the map as it will cause alot of issues. Anyway cant wait to see it done :smiley:

I use propper for detailed models such as the lamps and other art deco facades

Looks really nice, I’d keep tweaking the lights across the map. If you propper’d something and it still looks too blocky; I’d look around for a replacement model.

To me the brushwork looks great. But I agree you could try to make more interesting lighting situations. Although many areas already seem fine

Original post updated with everything you may need to know.

Expect further updates to be posted next week.

Looks like you turned the whole brush into displacements. To get rid of those weird shadows are the edges select the whole brushes and deselect only the surfaces that should be displacements and hit “destroy” under the displacement tab in the material Editor :slight_smile: otherwise nice update !

Actually, they are corrrectly done, that happens because I ran the compile in fastvis for a quick in-game play test

Hi mate, this map looks really good, one thing, PLEASE make sure to optimize the fuck out of this map. Thanks fam.

I’ll try to myself, if not, I’ll see if I can ask some experienced mapper to help me

One of the most important:

Updating with some screenshots, this time I decided to erase the catwalk in favour for a train track similar to the one in Industrial 17, because the catwalk was poor at hiding citizen movement from the plaza, especially from the CP, which meant every time you wanted to try and sneak on the catwalks, you’d almost surely be seen and it just wasn’t good at all, I’m in the process of building a train track that will at least offer some cover for the citizens while moving, while preserving the verticality of the map.

Oh, I also decided to scrap the central half of the canal and replace it with a small park/garden.






Bonus screenshot:


I’m back with another update, this time focusing on the slums, see for yourself:





are those tracks for an actual train you’ll be implementing into the map?

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one that can actually transport players, that is

I’m affraid not, I’ve seen trains trying to transport players around and they are buggy and hell to create, I’m not willing to waste resources on something that won’t benefit anybody at all, instead, those resources will be spent building the underwater nexus and the abandoned metro, I’ve still got more than 2000 brushes left to work with, each of it counts.

These tracks just provide verticality to the map, and helps connect the two slums.

Send us a beta!!

Apologies for the delay in updates, but my map has undergone another drastic layout change because the last layout was a disaster in terms of optimization attempts. Today I’m showing you the new plaza: