This map is a project that has been worked on since around July of last year. The project was initially started by Gerrr, a fan of Gmod light RP, and then was passed on to me mid-development. Since then, I have remade the map from scratch in order to better accommodate the styles I implemented. It will be released within the coming weeks. Just have to optimise further, work out some errors, and finish up the sound scape system.


City 11 is a Half-Life 2 Role play map much like the existing City 45 and City 18. With this, I aim to raise the standards of role play maps from here on in. It is carefully designed to accommodate up to 60 people, with enough room to allow active role play to continue even on crowded servers.

Contains various content/concepts by me, Gerrrr, BladeRx69, Cactus Fantastico and Kane.

City 11 consists of mainly 5 parts.

* The Main Street (Sector I)
* The East Industrial Sector (Sector II)
* The West Industrial Sector (Sector III)
* The Civil Protection Complex (Nexus)
* The Underground (Subway and Sewers)

City 11 has roughly 30 citizen apartments for use, a ration cafeteria inside the Civil Housing, as well as plenty of other misc. rooms and warehouses you can use for whatever purpose. The slums district is full of winding roads that can be used to easily avoid Civil Protection during levels of unrest. But beware, for the Civil Protection has outposts all over the city, one of which has a working turret guard tower!

But enough mumbo jumbo, here are the UPDATED screenshots!

Looks pretty cool, but why does everyone always go with night for the RP maps? I haven’t seen a good RP map that wasn’t with a night setting

i don’t no about you but i love night maps…nice job

hmmmm the map looks pretty cool! BUT i hate that almost ALL the rp maps are at night times.

There’s only like ONE night-time RP map. City 18.
Everything else is the same day-time setting

nice i saw this on taco :3
you checked out my city 8 appartments yet?

You forget rp_c17_031, rp_goobcity…

All those.

this is being made for taco which only has one night map lol

rp_c17_031 is a shitty map anyway.

So the only night-time map that’s actually worth looking at is rp_c18_v1 so far.

The map looks more like the old City 17 (New City) from the old HL2 concepts… this combine architecture in this hallway with the red carpet and so on :S

Looks like you’ve put effort into this.

Why do so many people use this style for an RP map, the half life 2 setting, why not try to make something look a little more modern day?

Never mind just read the OP… But people still do use this type for non HL2 rp.

That’s because this map is being made for HL2 rp, I like the map and am glad other people are making rp maps like I am for HL2 :D.

rp_c17_031 is better than some of the maps out, at least it has props so you’re not forced into having an empty apartment because of the overused tooltrust concept.

This looks awesome. I just love the good 'ole HL2 city roleplay concept, and this map design suits it perfectly.

It just needs a little detail in some places, such as more decals, more door frames, some more props.

The lighting is gorgeous!

Also, rp_c17 was great. I don’t mind HL2 copypasta.

A.K.A, These “Empty” apartments are built for GMOD, Not Half life 2: DM, So quit complaining. Also: We don’t really want More mingery ten there already is on TnB, Hence TT.

Look’s nice Serman.

i’m making city 8 :smiley:
japanese style hl2 map for taco :smiley:

Most night role play maps appeal better to the half life 2 role play In my opinion, besides city 45 have not seen a better day one. Or I am most likely forgetting. But this one looks great, I have always loved the pale lighting of these maps, good job!

Hey if anybody wants to help please email me at badaxx12@gmail.com or reply to this. We need help with ideas and maybe you can help with the buildings. So please message me

If you guys are taking Taco N Banana into account when you think Half Life 2 roleplay you are completely wrong, it’s a mingy variation of what they think Half Life 2 roleplay should be like.