Hi just started making a HL2RP map rp_city13 here is what I have so far. All I have done is started the nexus so don’t get your hopes up.

A few images.











The general consensus is that you’re supposed to post pictures when you submit a map WIP/release thread.


you’re joking, right?

I know it’s not much but this is all I have done so far, so could you least give some pointers of what I could do to make it better ect.
No I am not joking.

Uh, well, what is that supposed to be for a start

It’s a nexus or combine police base for a HL2RP map.
I know HL2RP is hated by a lot of people but I think it’s fun so that is that.

Is that just a part of the map and that’s what you’re starting with?

If so, then okay I guess you’re getting a tedious one out of the way.
I suggest fixing up the exterior, and the interior.

You know those Combine walls? The ones they use to block off pavements, roads, and they use smaller ones to patrol on? Yeah, put some of the those on the exterior, with a guard post so they can monitor who comes in and who leaves.

Put a gate there as well. Put a switch on that guard post. Make that switch open and close the gate.

Also, are you going to put a road in? (AKA, are you going to let vehicles drive around or is it strictly footplay?) If so, that would be pretty cool to have a ‘secure’ garage for which prisoners can be transported there and all that.

Also, in this picture: http://postimg.org/image/jygxfuy1j/
Why is the…box thing floating? What is that meant to be? I’m going to go on a limb and say that’s the box room to control all of the doors. I suggest making a room in a wall somewhere, and maybe have cameras set up so you can monitor general ‘areas’ like main doors and various things like that. One thing you could try is having a secure room with cameras showing all of the doors, or the insides of those rooms, and below the monitors, have buttons to lock and unlock the doors, thus allowing them to be closed or opened at will.

The suspended room is a cell for a maximum security prisoner.
The other cells are allowed to be open at times to let the prisoners RP.
There is a button that lets you lock all the cells in a control room.
http://postimg.org/image/9s8bwvdnb/ This is the control room.
I like your idea of cams but I want to have guards who patrol the walkways so I will think about that.

I will make some checkpoints/guard posts but there is a entity that lets you add realistic combine shields in game so I won’t add those.

Are you aware of any working combine cars ect? If so I make a garage but otherwise it could be a waste of space.

Thanks for the advise. :wink:

You really ought to drop those awful textures. Try finding custom ones or at least combining the default ones in a way that’s different to 90% of novice maps out there.

You can make a map Sandbox/RP convertible. Just like Half-Life 2, there are roads, but you see no cars. But then what if I wanted to play the map in Sandbox mode? If it looked good enough you get people like this, but only if it lets them do various things, driving is one of the most common for RP maps…if there’s a road.

Your map could be used for other RP gamemodes too, like DarkRP or whatever. If you want to stick to HL2RP then research on how those popular maps looks, what they have compared to yours.

Also, the control room lets ungodly empty. Put weapon racks up (use brushes to make these), make dispensers for health and armour.

Have an armoury, and a cafe for the men.

Also, Combine don’t typically ‘patrol’ the prison. If you play HL2 in Nova Prospekt, they have control rooms with cameras, and don’t typically have one guy patrolling. If there’s an intruder, they send who they need, so they’re usually stationed in a barracks…presumably.

I’m planing on putting in a lot more detail and other textures to the outside and inside.
The prison is what I have done the most work on what do you think about that?
Also I do want some things to be the same to give a feeling of meaningless or just everything is standard like rations and the citizens cloths and the combine uniforms.


Im planing to make the main citizen area for the map like the apartment block in the new judge dread film, what do you think?

Made little progress I have fixed some issues with lighting and made some changes to the extirior of the building.

If someone could play it and tell me what they think that would be great.

Constructive critism, skip if you don’t give a Fuk

I think it’s quite awful for an RP map, there is no place to customise with own props nor any other RP elements other than the fact that map contains doors.
Everything is lacking detail and each room looks the same (because of the textures you used).
It looks more like a Jailbreak map rather than RP.

My suggestion is that you continue working on your maps, try putting few models in it, different lighting, more sprites, details and decals.
It is always good to put few “dummy” rooms (empty rooms that aren’t accesible, but are pretty nicely detailed and everything inside is visible throught a window or partialy open doors).

One suggestion is not to make the jail a fricken maze. Every city 18/whatever city has these giant mazes.
It is best to keep it simple so players don’t get frustrated when role playing in as a cp. I’m not asking you to make it small but if you want a simple jail make it at least to floors.
This is just my critisim you can make it a big maze if you want this is just my view of things.

Thanks both of you im still working on adding decals and details.
I don’t like adding dummy rooms because I like everything to have a use. I am also hesitant to make to many details. I would like the rooms to be customization in game with your own props so that it con be changed and allow space for events ect.

I have used little sprites so I will go ahead and do that.

Would anyone suggest any textures I should use?

Also I think by jail you mean nexus or police base so I would like to have the building quite large to help give a feeling of overwelmment. But I don’t think my building is that complicated. There is a main hallway on your right is the jail on your left there is a training room in front is a lift to the offices. Behind that is the spawn and the armory.

If I use that thing that makes your structors show on the skybox what scale do the textures need to be?

Well thats good to here at least the jail is what i want lol

Take whatever the texture scale is and divide it by 16. For the default texture scale of 0.25, this is 0.25/16 = 0.015625.

Thank you.

Added more decals and started the main apartment block.

Could you send that map to me through a pm I want to try a beta version out.