Hello everone,
Rp_City17_District47 is our first attempt at a released map. This beauty has been in the works for over a year now as we had many problems and
had to be postponed due to us all being in college at the time and now that we have finished we decided to finish the map and wola here we are.

**Requires Half-Life 2: Episode One and Half-Life 2: Episode Two mounted to Garry’s Mod! **


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Clean up the admin room.

Please report any issues you discover.
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Map created by:

Special thanks to helpers and testers.
[Zen]Jack Ralph
[Zen]Fishy (Freaka)

Wow, I didn’t expect much from the name but this is really nice. Love the atmosphere & great usage of colors too, makes the map look very unified. Useful features as well, obviously lots more effort went into this than most new HL2RP maps.

Thank you for the kind words. We are always looking for feedback to improve the map.


-Re-done more of the sewers by removing more crawling pipes.

-Added a dynamic button-prop to the master control-panel in Breen’s office to make it more obvious.
-Added a dynamic button-prop to the scanner monitor interface.
-Added a dynamic button-prop to the interface which disables the combine shield protecting the alarm buttons in the control room.
-Added a holographic interface to the Breencast activation button.
-Added onscreen text that appears when walking next to the Combine Controlroom announcement buttons that tells you what each one will say.
-Added a playerclip over the small black hole in the train tunnel.

-Changed the combine street shield to a playerclip when enabled, this allows NPC’s to pass through it.
-Fixed overlapping text in admin room.
-Some minor lightmap optimization.
-Moved some airnodes around in an effort to stop the scanner getting stuck.
-Pakratted the radio song.
-Removed 2 areaportals that seperated 2 areas for no reason.

Update 2

-Fixed decals seeping through wall into the sewers.
-Fixed playerclips in the trash compactor; you can’t escape death anymore.
-Fixed trigger in the trash compactor; can no longer be spammed.
-Fixed the small gap in the white area that makes Breen’s window.
-Fixed Nexus entrance door’s areaportal closing before the door is fully closed.

-Added playerclip behind ‘Café Baltic’ sign to stop people “climbing” it and seeing nodraw.
-Added a Blocklight brush over door in secret sewer room.
-Added env_cubemap in part of the sewers where the transitions were ugly.
-Added trigger_hurt in the pod room drop, as that is a fall that you shouldn’t be able to survive, yet do.
-Added an unlock button to the pod.
-Added lock output on the prison ‘force enter pod’.
-Added text over pod controls which explains what each button does.
-Added AI nodes around the streets, these are only roughly added and will be inproved soon. (Yes, will “make_nav”…)

-Changed some HDR lighting scales and the intensity of the surface light in the Combine control room.
-Changed the sound of the button the enabled/disabled the control room shield as it didn’t seem to exist.
-Changed some Combine walls in the nexus to ‘cheap’ or less shiny.
-Both Combine gate doors are now snapped to grid and the gate too the booth now rotates on the correct axis.
-Very minor lightmap optimization.
-Some movement of env_cubemaps.

-Removed a few airnodes.
-Removed hint/skip brushes that did nothing.
-Removed a debris prop that pretty much wasn’t visible.
-Removed (clipped) a displacement that extended further than necessary.
-Removed areaportal in Breen’s window that was left there from an older version.
-Removed a few decals.
-Removed a fog trigger that was left in from an older version by mistake, making the fog go orange.

-Map name on updates will no longer change (save server admins having to re-allocate the map.)

Update 3

-Fixed Combine door clipping near execution chamber.
-Fixed the ability to block the lifts in the Combine execution area.
-Fixed a few textures.
-Moved some of the spawnpoints forward in an effort to stop people spawning in the wall.

-Added some small detail to executaion area.
-Added a load more AI nodes around the map. Only rough and not fully tested.
-Added sounds to the buttons that activate the lift to Breen’s office.
-Added a stage to the empty dark room.
-Added stairs to the small shops on the main street that go to an upstairs storage room.
-Added a displacement on the ruined rooftop to help cover some prop popping as well as move a skybox brush slightly to stop a prop disapearing.
-Added some other minor details.
-Added an extension to the ruined office rooftop to make use of space.
-Added a large skybox brush on top of the apartment building next to the nexus.
-Added a clip over the shield that blocks the control room buttons.
-Added an areaportal to help section more of the map.

-Removed/cleaned some pointless brushes.

-More lightmap changes.
-Scanners shouldn’t get stuck (at least according to the nodegraph.)

-Map name on updates will no longer change (save server admins having to re-allocate the map.)

There are some strange lighting issues which I spent ages trying to fix, but have not found a solution (this is why the update has taken so long.)

Half-Life 2 RP Version

-Added some extra props around the map.
-Added an extra route the the vent escape in the rebel base which leads into one of the apartments basement.
-ALL Combine doors are now sorted, and the entrance to the nexus now has no button, so acts as a normal Combine door.
-Added a button in admin room which can block the door to the armory and block the chargers. (They can’t be used when this is enabled.)
-Added text in the Nexus lift which displays where each button takes you.
-Added text to the two alarms (Low Level Alarm | High Level Alarm.)

-Fixed a place where you saw Nodraw.
-Trains should arrive less often.

The additions in this version will be in the standard version at some point.

Amazing map.

Thanks Obama

As good as ever.

Version 2

The new version is vastly different from the original. Not everything will be listed here, only major things.

-Streets and buildings
-Underground areas
-Trains now stop
-Nav file
-Reception system in the nexus
-Execution chamber
-Most windows are breakable

Removed Features:
-Pod system

-Camera issues
-Overall colour of the map

Known issues:
-Citadel reacts to the fog in an odd way, certain parts show up differently.
-Main Breen monitors display incorrectly.
-Scanner can get stuck in places.
-Some lighting bugs.

Version 2.1 patch notes.

-added a barricade around the front of the nexus, with working vehicle doors that can be closed and opened.
-added ladder to the converted office building from the front of the nexus for easy access.
-added a retractable ladder to the original bridge in front of the nexus.
-added a new apartment block with multi floor elevator.
-added more rooms to the ‘bank’ office building.
-changed the look of the central building, while removing the upstairs apartments and replacing them with a small entertainment room.
-added an extra room to the blue aprtment building.
-added a hospital area.
-added the abilty to turn on a Combine propaganda poster that overlays the Breencast.
-changed the ruined apartment so that it isn’t ruined, allowing for 2 extra rooms.
-added a door to the top of the white apartment building.
-added vent doors.

-removed the underpass near the tunnel.
-removed the combine barricade and opened up the road by the ravenholm area.
-moved the yellow building at the end of the main road, making it wider for APC and vehicle access.

-fixed the combine monitors alignment (if they still show up incorrectly, then I have no idea why, as I know some people see them differently. Please just deal with it…)

-admin tool: added the “Welcome to City17” Breencast speech with the Breen scene animations as seen from the original Half-Life 2. Only works when the Breen monitors are turned on.

Version 2.1 patch notes hotfix.

-fixed apartment elevator doors opening upon touch
-fixed being able to block the lifts when inside

-added a second admin Breencast abilty, the “instinct” speech.

Makes me want to kick myself up the rear to get cracking on my map. Looks great from the screenshots!

Gmod could always use new maps especially ones of quality.