Rp_City27 [WIP]

I have been working on this map for about two weeks now off and on, by now I’m pretty sure that I have enough to show. Currently, the map doesn’t have a train station, but it will. I may use one already made from an earlier project which I didn’t make much progress on. I am planning on adding a small canal system, which will be hard to access and dangerous. A layout for the map has already been drawn out, and it seems like the whole thing will be in a football shape, with the slums in the middle. Different from City18, I am going to try to have the slums more accessible and a more commonly traveled part of the map, which is why it’s right in the middle.

Now for some pics:

A street in the industrial part of the map:


A train will be traveling on that bridge to the right.

Inside the factory you saw on the left of the last pic:


One of the few apartments I have so far completed:


A few buildings (That won’t be enterable)


That’s some of what I so far have. The map has also been optimized along the way with nodraw and some areaportals. Comments, Criticism, and Suggestions all greatly appreciated.

Can I has overpass? :smiley:

Also I usually never rate people but this is orgasmic.

Tight work mate

How do you do windows in the last pic without a grid of brushes

You could make a large custom texture, but I’m just using grids of brushes for now.

This looks so good, im making a project as we speak, hopefully it will be as good as yours

Even from the small amount of pictures I can tell it is going to be excellent. Good luck on completing it.

Thanks for the comments. Not much progress was made today, but plenty yesterday. One building and an enterable apartment had been added. The insides of the apartment has not yet been completed. All I managed to do in there so far was a staircase, a very challenging one to make. Anyways, here is a photo of that other building I got in:


(I’m still going to fix those textures on the curb of the road.)

A few different versions may be released for people that may not have the episodes because I’m planning to have the nexus jail in an underground carpark. In the other version that wont require the episodes, it will be something like that place after the carpark in ep1 when you’re waiting for the elevator. Just without the zombies.

Great job so far, your work does well at showing detail as far as the archtecture. My only grudge with it all is , as you stated, many of the buildings won’t be enterable. Please make the majority, if not all buildings accessible… even if they aren’t very elaborate. Nothing kills and RP map quicker than buildings that you can’t do a thing with.

Looking very nice, we need new (Bigger) maps that are HL Themed. I agree with kany245 though.

Also, check your Inbox for any new PM’s :3

This map isn’t dead yet. Progress only has really been made in the last several days, mainly because an original idea I had turned out to be near impossible. So I started from where I was about two weeks ago.
@Kane245, I can tell you now that definitely not all buildings will be enterable. About half will be though. When I’m almost done, and there’s still room to fit some more things in, then I will make more buildings enterable. But there’s still not much you’re going to miss out on though.

Now, I had said that there will be a small canal system, and right now I have made part of a few hidden underground passages that will lead to them:

Sorry about the low quality of the last pic, I’m not sure why that happened.

Also, I’ve had this problem with my lights:

I’m not sure how it happened, and nothing seems to be wrong. Could it be a leak? That overflowed renderables list concerns me too. Can it be fixed with just areaportals?

It could be a leak. Try “Load Pointfile” and this.

That reminds me that I forgot to remake my skybox. With all the resizing, so many holes appeared.

Is the light entity inside the prop? If so, move the light or disable shadows on the prop.

Smexy. Some textures look a bit too stretched though. Like on the first pic.

I love the architecture, this is one of the best maps I’ve seen in a while. The only two problems I have with it are 1) In the 3rd pic of the original four, your tiles in the kitchen are touching the hardwood flooring. I think there should be a border or dividing line of some sort; in my house we have a very short half-cylinder of wood diving the kitchen tiles from the hardwood. 2) In the last pic of the original four, the ground textures seem very low-res to me; maybe it was just the picture, or maybe its just me, but that’s what I think. Oh, and have yourself an artsy. :downs:

It’s been too long since a last update, and I was slow at mapping recently but I managed to step it back into high gear and finally get this damn apartment finished. It has been completely optimized but there are still a few small bugs I have to work out. Also I have to say thanks to laharlsblade for the suggestion about the separation between the tile and wood floors in the kitchens. Now here are a few pics:

This is a view of the apartment from the outside:


And a few examples of the apartments inside:
Those windows look strange because they are “closed” by areaportals in the above pic.


There are three floors, four apartments on each making 12 apartments. This is going to be a large map with different apartments in different places, so at this rate I’m in the clear with not having too many apartments. Also, just to clarify, there are no stretched textures in my map. They just look that way because of a strange bug when the face of a brush is parallel to my line of sight.

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Very nice!
Keep up the smexiness

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add some kind of sewer. and a nexus.