I made this new hl2 rp map, Not sure wheter it’s good or bad. Anyways here’s the link: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=117456

Very blocky and dark, also, putting exclamation marks in the title won’t make the map any better.

badly optimized.

in the first Screenshot you can see the: “Warning: overflowed CClientRenderablesList group 7”

Work on your mapping, it looks very clunky and confusing, more details, better lightning. Try to create some custom textures for some things.

You seem like a good mapper but you must fix them bugs and finish it before releasing

Cool map, could use some polishing though.

Okay! :smiley: Thanks for the critic! I don’t understand all the terms. Warning: overflowed CClientRenderablesList group 7 How do I fix this? How do I optimize it?

Also I kinda released it so people can tell me what’s wrong with it.

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And I wanted it to be dark, so I don’t see why it is a problem…

Well if there are too many renderable ents in a map, there will be a cache overflow which will yes cause the engine to crash. You cant look at too many things at one time. It just doesn’t work.

Not bad. I looked at the .vmf, and the first thing I saw was that he’d covered the whole map with one big skybox.

You can thank 3KliksPhillip for that.

Who is 3KliksPhillip.

Just some pretentious English chap on YouTube.

Not all us English are pretentious, well, I am occasionally, my tutorials are better than his though :smug:



i agree, its dark and blocky


Wow, you found my saying why I hadn’t posted tutorials, you’re a clever mother fucker aren’t you?

I could also swear you said you quit posting, no? Incomes the shit posting again then.

Clever is as clever does.

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Swing and a miss?


Must say though, well played :v: