rp_city85 Remake total For TTT darkrp and tacoscript

Ok I have had it with city85. Everytime I try to make a major change to the city or the nexus it will crash and will not run right so I have said fuck it and I am now going to rebuild it from the ground.

I will keep the layout of the last nexus to a point but for the city screw it I going to rework the whole thing with help from other people. I going to ask other people to help me with the building and layout of the city.
You guys will choose where each building go that people build. I will build the roads and the nexus outside but thats it. Everyone else will build building and what kind of props will go.

Now that this is clear up I going to show off the new nexus hallway and I wanted feedback.

This is the old one.

This is the new one.

So how this?

If this is ok I will work on the new 2 level detainment where they will be link by lift and stairs.

O and to answer the ? what is TTT.


That is TTT and only the nexus is going to be use for that.

Make the hallway look less like a tunnel?

Ok how would you change this to be less like a tunnel?

I like the hallway, it’s unique.

Change those hideous concrete textures for a start.

Thanks but I do feel it does need something else but I am not sure what.

I going to toss this idea out there. How about I replace the rock roof above and make it glass and run some pipes inside so everyone can see them.

Also what textures would you use. I just use the color from the old nexus.

Can you list the name of the textures and where you would use them at.

Do note tho that the nexus is still underground.

Maybe for starters, use some combine metal textures and make the architecture more combine like.

Well here is the update. I got to try a few texture tommorow and see what one look good.

Change the concrete. It’s icky.

This map is terribly textured.

hmm… with the nexus tunnels why not make them old railways and cover it(not fully) with the combines crap. then put combine doors at whereever and inside them doors its got proper combine texture.

And is it possible to get the proper combine doors that are in hl2. im guessing it would be but i dont know :S:S

Hey is one of the possible texture combo I might use.

What about it


I like it.

I suggest you get a higher-res logo of the combine symbol on the floor, and give it a more interesting background than the blue thing.
I also suggest looking up how the combine-metal box thing is used in HL2. (The one in the center of the coridoor repeating down the ways)

In addition to that, break up the wide walls, very long straight and boring :confused:

First thing I using glass to change the res. It look alot better without the glass but it would not fit the map right without the glass. I going to mess with a few things and if it does not improve it I will do somthing else.

Next I toke the screenshot where the hallway turns. Since I have not work on that part I not going to show it yet. Right now I am working on detainment so look forward to that soon.

Does that come with an english version?

Mass Update

I would like to show off the new Your going to talk or else room. ( WIP )

Now behind those door is the watch room and where you put your person that you wanted to talk.
The console in the room work like this

This is off mode

Now when you turn it on the console turn on and it deploy a camera.

and here the camera

Next I going to show off the Hallway to the new jail and iso area. Jail is upper floor. Iso is the low level that only can be reach from a lift.



I going to work on the lift right now and then iso then the jail. So look forward to it soon.

Those textures don’t look good. Try to add some borders or something. Use different textures on the walls.

Also put sprites or something on the lights, they look bland as hell, and stop making them so white, give them a bluish tint.

I am back with new screenshots of the nexus

First off I going to show off the lift to the transfer station still being detail.

and the bottom of the lift area still being detail.

Next is the hallway to the train. ( Doors are for TTT spawn area will not be in rp version)

Last is the trainstation where overwatch come into the city and rebel or other anti citizen leave for a trip to everyone favorite place. If you don’t know it then play hl2. ( Early Version )

Thats it going to detail up some of the map then get to work on detainment.