RP_city_72 (WIP)

Hello, this is my first try at a source SDK map. Within about six hours I came up with this.


Mainly due to the fact I’m such a nub with hammer I made a completely obviously pro skybox.

What I hope to have in this map as it will be designed for HL2 RP

CWU housing:80%
CPA Housing: 0%
CCH: 0%
Several street areas: 80%
Two parks: 50%
Ration dispenser area: 10%
CWU Shop: 40%
Carshop(Place for dem lolrabals complete with sewers): 0%
Sewer System: 10%
CPA(or MPF) Outpost: 0%
Nexus: 0%

What I hope to achieve with city_72 is a kind of suburbs kind of feel to RP, while still having the city feel. Please note anything is subject to change at ANY time. This will mostly be made for HL2RP and I don’t plan on making anything for Dark RP in it. This is my first map. Helpful constructive criticism is appreciated.

here’s some neat criticism for your brave endeavors.

1: add lighting. just slap a light_environment in there and tune it to your needs. you’ll need light if you want a somewhat decent map. it’s fullbright. fullbright is bad. http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Light_environment

2: fix your textures. i’ve noticed some misalignment in the buildings. http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Hammer_Face_Edit_Dialog#Align:_World_and_Face try and fix them. it makes it look like it was rushed.

3: the buildings are a bit blocky. it seems as if they’re just blocks with textures carelessly placed on them. try and improve the architecture by adding details like gutters, pipes, balconies, etc.

4: make it something worth playing. try to replicate half-life 2 maps. not just blocks of textures.

i’ll come up with more later.

I like it, but I agree with Aspen.

Alright, but first off, Most things are subject to change, Recently added lighting. It looks a lot better, I am trying to get the layout first. Also doors are annoying to make… But anyone thanks for helping, I will get on it ASAP.

here’s a useful guide: http://www.interlopers.net/tutorials/6549

Apparently 10 people think I’m not gonna finish this map and flop.
Honestly, just really. I don’t see new mappers here mainly because of you guys discouraging the people who are actually brave enough to post there map. 10 poeple rating this dumb and these people just so happen to be pro mappers; That is very discouraging.

It’s a good idea to not post your first map, hell I never showed anyone my work until about 6 months after I started and its was another year and a half until I released my first map. I suggest honing your skills for a bit and take some tutorials on mapping, there a lot of useful ones at interlopers and half wit 2 (Just goggle them). Ask a lot of questions in the questions mega thread here and eventually you’ll be able to create a great map.

I’m certainly not a pro mapper. (Well, I don’t consider myself one, but I suppose it depends on general opinion.)
But to my point, I rated you because of the fullbright pictures, and not because I don’t believe it can be done. I enjoy Half-Life 2 themed cities and I’m keen to see progress on this one as much as the others. You’ll get there.
If it helps, we all had to start from something and I doubt you’ll be an exception. It just takes practice and criticism.
I started mapping with a vision of being able to create an entire Combine Citadel, and I was sorely mistaken- but I’m improving, because I ask for advice and opinions from people in this section. It’s helped me a lot.

I apologize for the impression that I may have caused.

Don’t assume that. I rated you dumb because you should of got more done before posting, not that you’re gonna flop and not finish it.

Looks like one of my failed city maps that got bad remarks but is unfinished.

I rated you dumb because the rating speaks for itself. All it is really is just very very simple brushes with a simple texture slapped onto it, and not to mention it’s fullbright. Really, you should have at least taken a look at more tutorials, mainly about lighting and architecture. We don’t discourage you, that’s up to you whether you discourage yourself or not.

I don’t think you’re not going to finish it. I think your screenshots are, quite frankly, a joke.

I love how realistic the first two pictures look, I nearly mistook them for a real life photo.

I wish people would stop saying things like “Its shit” “Why did you make this” - “TrollTrollTroll”
I think this map has potential, I could easily be great, I think all you need is to pay attention to detail, even if its small it makes a huge difference, and for the amount of time it took you to do that I think you have made something very nice.

Who said this?

Soul Reaper, sarcastic comment.

I dont think anyone is saying its good, Im saying it is if he works on it, it can be really good.

Attention to detail, at the moment all I see is a road with no detail and a fence that has no detail or shape, it’s just a long rectangle and then the building which is just a big block covered in a floor material… i’m sorry but I think he should at least come back with more progress, buildings outdoor details… posts, mailboxes, advertisements etc not what he has now.

batnutz isn’t a pro mapper.

Honestly, I know it is your first map. And all of us are terrible with our firsts maps, I was. And it takes months - years of practice to become truly brilliant at mapping. Ive mapped for 3 years now. And I would say I am bordering on the line of being “good” at mapping. But, not quite yet.

Best advise I can give you; Delete this map from your HDD, don’t ever look at it again.
Start with smaller maps, to gain experience and learn things. Houses, Police Stations, Train stations. Put all your effort in to these smaller maps and make them brilliant. Use lots of different things and make them as near perfect as possible. Make them extremely detailed, use lots of different entitys and expand your horizons. Learn about Hammer and how to use it properly. That way you gain experience a lot quicker. ** DONT ** Start making huge blocky cities. If anyone was to look at my first maps, they would see I did this. And it was terrible. And I know one of the pro mappers on Facepunch, HighDef, would strongly agree. As he has viewed all the maps Ive made from the start of my mapping career. He is a good guy, and can help you a lot, if your willing to take critism. I suggest talking to him. But, ive taken all the critism’s i’ve been given, and fixed my problems and improved my mapping. And, if anyone were to see my train station ive made. I’m pretty sure they would be very impressed. By the way, the two main things you need to practice is enviromental lighting and detail. There the two main things that turn a map, in to a world.

So yeah.

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Honestly Bro, you being serious?

They really don’t think it will never finish and flop. They probably just looked at it and noticed it currently looks like total crap. You just presented your work too early without some good practice in making good looking maps first.