I have been working a an rp map recently and i was told by a friend to upload some pictures and infomation onit. My map will include in V1 two areas. A town and a residentiel area. In the pictures not much detail has been added to the buildings YET. In the futures i am planning to have V" with more areas and continue to map this great map :D!

Unfinished town:

Almost finished small cafe:

A building -,.- (not finished)

House number 1 (not finished)

House number 2 (not finished…)

The lighting isn’t good Outside, I would fix that up ASAP.

Looks great anyhow.

Work on the lighting

Add more detail to the houses, the outside looks like shit. Window frames, different textures, ect.

This could look pretty damn good if you would improve the lighting, as stated above.

Also, the brick textures does not look very nice.

You should improve the lighting on the inside.

aye. i shall improve the lighting…well it is the 1st time i compiled it so i did’nt know what to expect. I’ll get some pics soonish to show teh improvements

Did you click my link?

Yes…ty should help improve alot.

I don’t think it looks like a city at all.

Here is something I made a few months back


That is a city, yours looks like some weird concrete and over used brick buildings all over the place.

Light burns on ceiling :stuck_out_tongue:
Blocky in my opinion
shit lighting

other than that it’s alright I guess

fix the road, it doesnt look much like a road now

TH3 L33T, that city you were working on looks great. Not to steal the thread or anything but I’m really liking that atmosphere you should continue with it. And yeah lean more towards that for this map give it some life/atmosphere, it will need a lot more then lighting to make this a decent map. But, it does have potential!

These chairs or w/e it is in that restaurant are awful

Nice jamzzster,
looking good, but fix the lighting…

Yes. I agree with you because as i say it is not finished ande also this is the town part not city. Hardly anything is finished and it is blocky yes.


okokokokokok…b4 any1 makes any more comments on how shit those pics look i have now updated the map and it truly does look alot nice and the lighting has been fixed due to complaints even tho isaid i wasnt going to do t until i completed the buildngs. I’m not going to upload pictures yet but work on other parts of the map so you can see them.

City Place? For a second I was thinking of that place in West Palm… nvm… still, it looks good for a town.

Was expecting a shitty flatgrass with a badly made building on it.

it almost look like one of the citys off tony hawks underground

The brushwork outside is good, but work on the lightning. On your light_enviroment, set the color to a bit orangish or blueish, that will make your map stand out!