Rp_Cityway_V1 Beta

Official Map Video!

***Sorry guys map had be delayed due to problems in hammer slowing me down…Expect the release in the next 2 weeks though! Along with a little preview of the new map to be made after this! (no name of it yet) ***

After finishing townsend off I’ve decided to make another new Rp map :3:
I present to you Rp_Cityway_V1 in its early stages.
The map consists of 3 or 4 areas
.City area (not started yet)
.housing area
.Commercial area
.(Maybe) Industrial area

Update [4/7/10]
Finishing city off!
Done hotel so far, here’s a little preview! The lobby has yet to have improved lighting and more props in the middle!

Update [30/5/10] :Not been working on the map so much but I’ll update you with as much as I have done!
Early WIP Pictures on the mall area of the city

Also made Parking type garage area for the police building.

Update [10/5/10] :After a week of being banned I’ve managed to do some more work on the map and I’ve added more detail to certain places!



Also new video!

Update [29/4/10] :Added small pier to beach resort.


Looking for modeller who is able to make street light and traffic lights for city and other signs!

Update [25/4/10] :Another update with pictures. First few are the new holiday/beach area still being worked on and others are just newer random bits around the map!



Also another building added to the city:

Update [14/4/10] :
More parts of new city. Alot of detail to be added and so on.

New early city stages

To avoid any image shitstorm rants I’ve moved older media to my website…
Visit www.quartzgamers.weebly.com <- Sorry about the domain :confused:

Please give constructive Criticism and don’t bitch.


Thats really nice!

Jamzster, Nice to see another great map from ya!
Keep up the good work!

Your lighting is really bland.

Any suggestions on what I should do? :l


Use the light settings from the militia_hdr skybox.

Using them new settings I’ll upload some images with them settings, also many thanks :slight_smile:

The texturing is pretty crappy, along with the lighting makes the map unbearable to look at for me :|.

Yeah fixing the lighting and others. Remember the maps in beta. Also you really are a bad critic. I’ve seen you comment on alot of maps saying there crap. Your obviously jealous of most mappers and you decide to be a dick about it saying crap about the map. To be honest mate your abit of a fag.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Terrenteller))

Oh he got you! Hahha. Anyway looking forward to this. The skybox is a bit shitty and the lighting needs work though.

Yeah to be hounest jamzzster’s right, you do comment on lots of maps saying there crap, is this because you can’t map to save yourself ? Whatever it is it doesnt matter, this map is a BETA as it states in the name, it may be crap for now but jamzzster will improve it, but saying ohh this is crap and things doesnt help, tell him what needs improved and he will improve it.


See Zambies! is saying whats wrong and not just ohh this maps crap, try to tell the author whats wrong with it and they will fix it.

Ask some proper mappers like Void or Gigabyte what they think of your map, they won’t be as nice as I was. Regardless of it being in beta, rp_townsend’s lighting and texturing was shit as well.

Ok tell them to come. I fixed the lighting also :3:. And yeah townsend was crap even I agree on that one.

I’m being serious though, not trying to be an asshole about it. Quite a bit of the map is blocky but I’m sure you’re gonna fix that. Usually first impressions count which is why I based my opinion of this map around townsend.


Who are you? I’m pretty sure you don’t know me and whether I can map or not.

The lightings alot better now, and yeah bring them, atleast they will tell him what to improve and not just moan that it’s crap :3:

I said what he should improve, and by the sound of it he’s already half way there.

Jam, why not stick some HDR in there, maybe even use one of the preset lighting stuff found on the sky_list page?

To be hounest you have no right to go about saying ‘ohh your maps crap, your maps crap’ on other threads or this and you wanna know who i am, in [haWx] i worked with jamzster on townsend and if you don’t believe me ask him.


Yeah dude thats the point your taking your first impresions of townsend and taking it to this, this is a different map so it should have its own first impressions.

What are you doing honestly, I don’t care who you are. All you’re doing now is shitting up the thread.

I’ll add some hdr yeah :slight_smile: I’ve already taken the present lighting stuff thats why it looks better :l

Hey I remember you. You sent me a thing for free steam games over chat one time. Silly pirate.