Rp_Cityway_V1 Release!

Hey guys after so long I’ve finally finished Cityway off and its now ready for release!

For those of you who don’t know about Cityway it is a medium-large Rp map with a city area, a housing area, a commercial area and a holiday/beach area!

Cityway is a sequel to my previous map Rp_Townsend_V1p and is alot more better and detailed and fun!
The map is set in a nice warm environment and there is plenty to see and do while rp-ing!

Big features in the map:
.Fully working metro system
.Plenty of places to live
.Lots of rp opportunity for example: shops and car dealerships
.Warm environment
.Fully optmized! No lag!

And alot more to see and do!

Map & Design: - Jamzzster

Donators: =?g=Tpmax17

Helpers & Beta Testers:

Jonny Woo

Visit the old thread for more media!

Video -

As my budget is very low right now please visit www.quartzgamers.weebly.com if you would like to make a donation or find out about more of my work and upcoming work!

Download -

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5


Congrats on releasing, can’t wait to check it out

file is being mirrored, I can’t download, upload it to another site please?

In one of your pictures it shows a track curve, well actually, what curve?

This is one thing that kinda bothers me in nowadays maps, the brush tracks tend to be the same thing as the straight track but rotated 45 degrees :frown:

No-one ever makes an effort to at least use a small arch to do it.

I saw this a long time ago, I’ve been waiting, now the download won’t work? :gonk:

download is dead

Yeah, tried re-uploading but I’m still getting the same file is being mirrored problem :confused:

just throw it on megaupload or someplace

I assume this requires CSS?

There are dozens of different sites where you can upload it while garrysmod.org is busy shitting itself.

please put it some where else i cant wait! (this is waiting week for me)

yes me too, put it on MegaUpload

Agree Gary mod.org is one of the worst websites I every seen for hosting maps/game content. So bulky and an sore just to look for any content. Now this annoying process to log in and check your steam account. Would be okay if you create a better website as well.

Please upload it to another website.

It’s only annoying if you pirated gmod.

Otherwise: Great work op! That’s a pretty impressive job you’ve done.

It annoying to do that to download from a website that is poor when there is so much better websites. So to reward to you not pirating you get a nothing but a inconvenience.

Inconvenience? It’s piss easy to log in with your Steam account and download.

:what: Especially if g.org is the official site for Garry’s Mod stuff and has almost every model except the nude ones. :q:

cant download it !!!

Nobody can download it, please do fix the problem



BTW Epic map

could use a 3d skybox, but otherwise, it is fantastic.