rp_coastal_village (v1)

[release] [tab]Name:[/tab] rp_coastal_village

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] A coastal map for small roleplay servers based on Highway 17’s theme. Includes two stores, a pharmacy, a scrapyard, police department and a few homes.


[tab]Required games:[/tab] HL2



  • You do not need Ep2 anymore
  • Changed the doors, they do not auto close anymore.
  • Changed the PD a bit, added an information desk.
  • Added wind and a few more details.
  • Changed the fences.


rp_coastal_village is a small Coastal map located off C17’s Highway 17. It is a small map for small roleplay servers, based on Highway 17’s art style. The village includes two general stores, a pharmacy, a scrapyard trailer area, a police department and a few homes. And next to the road is a nice view of the sea.

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Looks nice. But some color wouldn’t hurt.

I know what you mean, but colour wouldn’t look nice on this map IMHO. Highway 17’s theme is like a cloudy, dull day - which is what i’m trying to achieve with this map.

looks decent but some of the buildings look blocky and there’s no distinction between where the walls end and the roof begins so you might want to extend the roofs out on past the walls on some of the houses. Take a look at some of the buildings in the HL2 Coast chapters, they’ve got lots of extensions and bits jutting out, they’re not all perfectly square. Also there’s some odd usage of textures like that blue wall that’s poorly aligned on that house in the second picture. Also, your fences look a bit too wide. the atmosphere is great and you did a good job with the fog and lighting and you placed a lot of detail props and physics objects which is good.

Ok, I have released version two.

It’s a nice little map. Thanks.