rp_coastalcity - a new collab opporunity that maybe won't be terrible

There have been many mapping collabs on facepunch over the years. Some have dissipated without a trace, some have died along with the OP, and others have gone on to greatness. Hopefully this one at least does something.

This is RP_CoastalCity.

RP_CoastalCity draws heavily on my love for the west coast. The biggest influences on the style are the beach communities in Southern California, like Santa Monica and the various Beaches (Hermosa, Miami, and Manhattan). I’ve spent a lot of time over the years in these areas and they really are some of my favorite places to be. CoastalCity aims to be an ode to these places and not so much a direct rip off of their design. The community I’m aiming to represent here is an upper-class shopping and residential district, with a few bigger businesses by the elevated freeway (which doesn’t exist yet). I haven’t set much about the map in stone, but I am aiming for a sunset time of day during the summer. I’ve got temporary skyboxes and lighting in place, as well as basic custom models for various ideas that I’ve had.

Here’s the part you’re actually interesting in reading about.

While I am a man with a vision, I am not an expert modeler or mapper. That’s where all you wonderful people come in. I’ve allocated space for plenty of buildings, shops, and apartments ready to be filled by your creations. I’ve compiled a list of models and scenery items that I need to have made, and I want to give you the most creativity I can, within reason. While I could do all of this myself, the map would not only be terribly optimized and look half-assed, it would also be bland and lacking inspiration. There’s only so much creativity in my head.

Here is the basic outline of the city and the planned areas within it.


All measurements are in hammer units

**NOTE: These are the initial plots available - I’m testing the waters to see how much interest there is in this collab and more plots will be added if there’s a genuine interest from the community.

****NOTE 2: All of these initial plots are located in the shopping district - again more will be added in more places as interest comes up.

NOTE 3: The deep and corner plots were placed mostly with storefronts in mind - ie buildings that connect with the adjacent structures as seen in one of the screenshots. This isn’t required but keep it in mind when using those plots.**

**Deep 640x1024 Plot **
Available: 1
Taken: AeonCastle, Steinman78

                               **Corner 896x896 Plot** 

Available: 3

                                              **Wide 1024x640 Plot** 

*Available: 1:
*Taken: TheGoodDoctorF, Sparkthunder, Aspen

                                                  **Big Corner 1440x896 Plot**

*Available: 0
*Taken: ExplosiveCheese, spreadkiller

To claim a plot for whatever you want to build, simply reply to the thread with which one you want and what you’re planning on building. If you don’t have an idea yet but want to come up with something, that’s okay too. Either way, make sure you read the building guidelines below.

I encourage you to be as creative as you can when designing buildings, but keep in mind there’s a general style I’m going for - realistic. Sorry, no castles or medieval cottages here (unless you can come up with a genuine reason for it? O.o)

Here are the buildings that are completed/semi-done so far, to give you a good idea of what the map is trying to be.


So that’s about it for now. Hopefully this can be something fun, great, and enjoyable for everyone involved, and at the end of the day we’ll have a cool map for the community.

Thanks for reading,


This looks pretty cool. Kinda gives me that Spring Break destination vibe.

Really love the road textures. Not so sure about the sidewalk though, it seems more like walls, but regardless it looks fantastic.

Updated OP for better readability and made plots more comprehensive (maybe)

This really reminds me of Santa Monica, mostly south of Wilshire.
Weirdly enough I’ve been doing some porting with GTA V centered around those areas. I have a few dozen (last-gen) palm tree models, pretty much all of the global textures, and a few buildings. I was even briefly considering porting 3rd Street Promenade + Venice beachfront to GMod.
It’d be cheap of me to just rip the buildings straight from the game for this collab, but I’d love to share the road/building textures with you.

BTW, I think a boardwalk/promenade area along the beach would be an awesome addition. If you wanna go for accuracy, an area resembling the Venice canals would fit with the grid layout you already have.

Yeah, I’ve been a frequent visitor to Santa Monica and I can’t not say that the town isn’t one of the larger influences on the design.

Definitely send me the textures and I’ll look into putting them in.

Can I get one of those deep 640x1024 plots? Pretty sure I know exactly what I wanna do.

I’ll mark you down for one - just double-check the OP to make sure you’re thinking is really what you’re thinking.

I’d like to participate but probably once it expands to the commercial/manufacturing district. Grungy, run-down buildings are fun to make.

I’d love to submit some houses when the time comes. Archetypal 60s dingy walk-up condos, contemporary mini-mansions. I’m not great at connecting exteriors to interiors but w/e.

Nice thread, funny that you mention we didn’t have collabs in years, I am currently working on making one. Details to come in next few months.

Hope this works out well. when I was working on Gm_Apartments I miscalculated limits per each developer and it ended up being fiasco. (it got released though), so my main suggestion is - Think it through well, brush limits, prop limits, content limits.

Damn, that’s beautiful!

I love this kind of setting. Do you have any guidelines/rules for custom assets?

And I’d be glad to take one of the wide plots. I’m thinking of doing a bar or nightclub of some kind.

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to approach limits. Obviously the brush limit is a major concern.

I don’t have much experience with it, but would making the majority of the building’s interiors into props be difficult? I know this is a great way to save brush space, but I know it can also cause the lighting to look a lot worse due to the way props are lit.

Just my two cents. We’ll have to see how everything is working out before I can really make a decision.

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I’ll mark you down for a wide plot as well.

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The map is currently at just over 2000 brushes so there will definitely need to be some propping done if the map is going to be as big as I want it to be.

Do all buildings need to have interiors?

I would prefer it. However if you’ve got a great exterior I would probably be able to make an interior for it. If you’ve got some ideas PM me with them and we can work it out.

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Okay, I think I’ve got the beginnings of a proper brush limit/optimization requirement.

Basically, anything that is not an exterior wall or a major structural component should be turned into a prop. This means windows and their frames, exterior lights, decorative things, and all interior furniture and structure work should be made into props with propper. This really cuts down on brush usage and doesn’t really cut down on appearance. I’ve been doing this with my existing buildings so far, and I’ve gone from 2812 brushes down to 2300 brushes by adding only 8 props.

I have started work on a 896x896 corner.

Roger that, marked down and noted.

I’ve made a weapon/gunshop for a 896x896 lot

Screenies are there.

I’ll try making a restaurant, can I get a big corner?
Also, do we have to make our own walls or is that outside of the given ranges? How does that work? What height should we use?