This is a map of the stage that the industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails is using for their Wave Goodbye tour.
Here http://stickybomb.org/downloads/ninmap/rp_nine_inch_nails%20source.zip is a SOURCE folder, of which you can open the .vmf in Hammer editor, and make your own stage! Make your own custom production, do whatever you want with it. ALL UNDER ONE CONDITION! = You MUST give credit to me starting the map project, and you MUST link it to this map, so that anyone can do whatever they want with it. So therefore, put YOUR .vmf in a CUSTOM folder throughout every release. More info and post your variations here: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=786261

Download Link(at stickybomb.org for upload issue reasons): http://stickybomb.org/downloads/ninmap/rp_concert_nineinchnails.zip



Screen shots:


Some Textures=
Ajacks’ Beautiful Texture Pack,

Les Paul Supreme=
Albert Garibaldo (itchyflakes) – converting the models.
BoneyardBrew – reskin, phong shading.
Guitar Hero

Epiphone Acoustic Guitar=

Mixers, Keyboards, Synthesizers, and Drum Models=
DJ Zybez - Converting models to GMod 10
Solid_Granite - Making the models originally for GMod 8.3
Jaroniskool - Beta testing

Apple Mac Pro=
chipstik (he originally made this for my Apple Store map, but it’s dead now)

Apple Cinema Displays, and MacBooks=
The Forsaken Team

Office chair, back-stage couches and table, all the mini lights on the stage=
Counter-Strike Source

Special Thanks to Facepunch user: “: awesome :” for uploading it to his awesome webserver at http://www.stickybomb.org/

This map is amazing!!!

Definitely one of the best maps I’ve seen come out of FacePunch

the lighting is awesome in this, but dont you think the pit is a bit bland?

i LOVE this map! glad i could be the web host for it… sorry garrysmod.org didn’t work though

The stage looks good, but the other parts of the map look very dull and undetailed. Also, there is no 3D-skybox so it looks like the whole place is hovering in the air.

And I still don’t understand how this is a rp-map.

would be a smarter idea to do the 3d skybox last.

Awesome map but is this really RP? :raise:

Nice map…where is the lighting desk though?

As I said in the other thread, I’m downloading it.

That paper next to the pc’s reminds me of oc_harvest

I guess you are new here then.

nice map. i have looking for something like this a long time… but two short questions…

first: how can i turn off this flashing light on the stage?
second: i cant find a directory called “custom” in the zip archive. where is it?

and…: a second version would be great. maybe with the entrance of this area (security checks, queues and so on)

Woa, it’s out already! Great job, I can’t wait for future updates!

i can answer this,
the custom directory was deleted by me to preserve web space. look out for the custom folder
available soon!

DUDE! Put it back right now. Please. I put the info all over the place about the “custom”. Put it back now or your fired from the band.


And about the lighting desk,

It’s in the tower.

Just upload it at Garrysmod.org
It might be slow, but it works.

So wheres the sound desk :smiley:

it’s to the left of everything in the tower. All the boxes are the songs.


Here’s the CUSTOM folder upload:


Edit: Off topic ( Sorry )

Eh. I’ve been downloading and looking at the forums for ages I just never bothered to join.
Til about a week ago?

One problem, why in the hell is the zip file 235 MB? How does it at all need to be that big?!