The easiest way to get updates on this map is to scroll through some of the recent posts for pictures. I will update this post a lot less than I’ll just throw pictures of what I’m working on right now into a post

Howdy folks. I’ve decided to make an RP map designed primarily for DarkRP based off of the clean but intricate Construct style of maps, two genres which I don’t think have been crossed yet.

Here is the map in it’s current state.

Tell me what you think so far of the map and the idea.

Edit: Project is on hold right now. Optimization is the only thing that remains to be done. Map will likely be released in March.

Hey, I like the part where you couldn’t think of your own theme so you just ripped of gm_construct.

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I think it would’ve been less creative if I tried to make another RP_downtown like most do.

You’ve got a point there.

Add some detail: Trees,trash,etc…

Turn up AA when taking screenshots

Like about half the other maps out there.

Oh yeah, definitely. I’d like to finish all the geometry before I start adding details like that. That’s also why there’s only a 2D Skybox at this point.

It seems like an idea to me.
He didn’t take anything off gm_construct he’s just building what he wants on that theme.

I like the way you implemented the construct theme. Although it doesn’t look “realistic” in a sense, but aesthetically, I find it pleasing.

Added a courtyard type dealie in front of the first building.
Added two storefronts w/ a deck on top and an elevated sidewalk.
Added two closets, one behind store and one under deck.

Dont use generic brick textures, use a different grass and tile texture, use more interesting lighting.
Also, make the trims go all the way around.

This looks pretty interesting. Personally, I love building contraptions to RP with, whether it be a vehicle or a store. I used to always play DarkRP on gm_construct.

i really like the idea of that, stylish geometry for a rp map on the second building thing

( i dono i just find the second building alot better than everything else lol)

New building, different texture to help break up the boring brick texture a bit.

Roof on that building is a placeholder, I’m going to be putting something else there.

Hey i like how you just got here and have no right to criticize him for the fact its rp_construct when it looks NOTHING like construct.

cant wait to see the final product

Looks good man keep it going I would rather roleplay on this map then gm_construct or gm_flatgrass but then again I don’t like build rp servers much because of the admins who dm 60 times in 30 mins

This is really sexy, wanna see it done >:)