An RP map for DarkRP that I made.

This isn’t optimized perfectly and you will experience a little bit of framerate drop when trying to look at the entire map. There is also only one spawn, so this isn’t 100% ready for online use. That’s coming up in version two, which will include better optimization, more spawns, and should be dovetailed with DarkRP. I didn’t want to hold this from you guys any longer.

There’s a lot going on in this map. Here are some bullet points for your consumption.
-Over ten houses
-20+ apartments
-Two warehouses
-A large underground
-Shops out the wazz
-3D Skybox
-A pool
-Plenty of dynamic stuff

There’s a lot I want to add and improve about this map, stay tuned.

Requirements are nothing. If you can play Gmod you can play this map.

Too many brick textures.

Heh. It’s called rp_construct for a reason. Construct is full of nice brick textures!

The finished product looks fantastic. Great job.

In my opinion, you should have kept the link only in the original thread and have sort of a public beta, then fix a bit and adjust it for online play, optimize it, then make a release thread. A lot of people who download the first probably won’t come back to download the newer version.

Those people are probably people who are fine playing in single player. Any person looking to host this on a server is going to be waiting for V2 because V1 can’t really be used for serious online play.

Do you still feel like doing the time of day variations?

Hmm. Downloads are around 100. I wonder if they will spike if this ever hits front page or garrysmod.com

Make a V2 with better textures

Hmm, I must say that there is a slight bit too much brick textures, other than that, it looks nice.

look at Xhizor’s texture pack and use some of them, there is just way too much Brick, i know that the standard HL2 textures aren’t that nice, but you should download a few more

The HL2 textures are great, it’s just that they’ve been used so often.

Allright so I downloaded this and played through. For a V1 I think it’s great, but you should have beta tested it, and if you have, tested more, before you released, this is what I found.






Where’s the doors?


I started seeing this too. At random places.





I noticed you had a few areas with roofs that were kind of just floating with no support. You might wana add something to support it.

I also found alot of areas VERY cramped and I struggled to navigate some houses. Also, I found myself stumbling through the underground and finding random rooms with good detail, then nothing. The reason your underground is so hard to navigate is because there are alot of cramped, long corridors with no key areas that you can use to figure out where you are.

It’s great, but it still needs alot of work. I feel like you released it because you were bored of it, or pressured to release.

Best of luck man

realy nice and cousy map

I allways did like Mobenix’s little town area…

Nice Work!

the comunity pool is hard to get to on foot

I love this map! My server has this map, totally great!

Too many brick textures. Change most of them and i promise you the map will look alot better. Sure, You might have to change the name, but it will all be worth it.

I think it needs more testing.

It’s a great map and I am waiting for V2!