Rp_Corusant (WIP)

**Theme: Futuristic Urban Metropolis, based off Corusant of the Star Wars Series.
Version: Beta 7.
Map Type: Roleplaying :stuck_out_tongue: Created specially for [HGN]'s Star Wars RP

Beta 5:



Has env_lights, but no actual lighting after that. If using it for what it's name suggests, please have the Door Stool xD

Beta 7:


(Yes I know it fucking floats…)


(Ooh… Where does this go? :>)



(Ohh crap another “floaty” pic :/)


Catwalk down to the lower floors.
Shady-esque HQ
Spaceport moved out.

It’s my first Publicly Released Map, so not technically a First Map. Call me a “Clipping Wh0re” or “Mapping nub” all you like, I don’t give a damn. It’s a WIP xD

Suggestions Welcome!

Requesting a custom Skybox texture for this… namely one with LOTS of buildings in the background, to give it a more “atmospheric” feeling.
Also: a decent door & button elevator tutorial would be appreciated. as the ones at HalfWit.com is shit.

Just a tip: don’t use red text. I keep thinking you got banned.
Nice map though. Keep it up.

Wow nice map keep it up!.

Screenshots of beta 7 taken.
Christ is it atmospheric now.

Scroll up to the OP to see these IMG tagged.

Uploading Beta 7 to Garrysmod.org. I wonder if any server is actually gonna use this…
Check OP in about a Minute

looking good, but find a nice skybox texture or make one you self.

one last thing i dont really like the windows texture. find some one better

That was the only average texture on hand at the time. And it’s kinda pointless requesting a different one, as half the map is now covered in it.
And I’m no Texture Artist >.>

no not really. i often change the textures in a map when i almost done with it

You can automatically do a texture replace.

The lighting could be a lot brighter, it’s very hard to see anything right now. The texturing could use a lot of work as well, try to use more than a handful of textures, and try to align textures to your geometry (For instance, the top of a building would have some kind of lip to it, it wouldn’t just end, so find/make a texture with an upper lip to use for the top of the building)

Also, even though it really reduces resolution, you could probably scale up the textures a bit, they repeat rather awfully at the moment.

It needs to be taller, and from a star wars dork, don’t forget to make the top areas in the towers really nice, then the lower areas like slum-like and run down

this sounds like an incredibly tough map to make, well to make to perfection (or darn well near it).

I suggest not making everything reachable, having a lot of area part of the skybox.

As much as I would like to say it is nice, it didn’t really stand out, the textures are just repetitve and it doesn’t look very Star Wars-ish…

Work on the arcetecture, then the textures. Appart from that it looks fine…

Reminds me more of the Bespin levels from Jedi Knight.

Hypergamer.net is back up!
Register there for the latest updates, ETA for release is on the 1st of April. And this won’t be a Joke!
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This looks more like Nar Shadda from Knights of the old republic 2, but the map still looks great!

can you enter those buildings?