Well I’ve had a total of 10 people ask me for this and I believe since the long death of OC and I have no need for it that the general public should be given it.
Please note this map was made a few years back and is not a realistic representation of my ability. Some parts of the map were made by others as this was a community project.

Download: (Please note this is only the VMF NOT the BSP file)

There is the download, images below:
(Excuse the missing textures, the white sky is because its setup for day/night)




Images need to have aa turned on.

Not everyone can afford powerful graphics cards. Okay I have a 560ti but I usually have 2 instances of EVE Online running at the same time, possible a movie from skyplayer as well so for it to cop settings need to be turned down.

No-one want’s to know your computer specs. Just turn AA on for images. If your computer is that good.

Source still supports dx7. You have a good gfx card, so turn your graphics up or your screenshots look balls. An 8800gt can so it, so why can’t you.

I’ve just noticed you are only releasing the vmf. What is the point of only releasing the vmf, and not a bsp as well.

Looking at your vmf now.

It really is balls…off grid verticies, oddly grouped brushes (half a building grouped with the top half of the building next to it, but the walls seperating them is grouped to a seperate set of walls), brushes with the invisible texture applied next to the brush with the skybox texture, stupidly overscaled textures (who uses a scale of 1 on a wall), combine textures used (glass and metal), roof textures used on the top of desks, white lights used throughout (no light is ever white, especially not coming from the dirty flourscent light models).

Want me to go on?

People obviously don’t read do they. Who cares about a few screenshots not having AA? If you don’t want the map, don’t download it, I know its terrible, only releasing this for the people who want it, not for people to go “hur dur, this is terrible look at all these silly carves and groupings”.


No…if you have no intention of accepting criticism, then don’t bother releasing work here. Upload it on garrymod and leave it at that. You have not bothered to add good images, the brushwork is sloppy, and you have made no attempt to fix it up. Your images are what draws people to the map, if they look crap in your screenshots, what’s to make them download a map? Added to that that you feel inclined to make excuses about it all. It’s not your work, some people don’t have cards that can handle aa, we don’t care about the excuses. Make it look pretty, or don’t show it to us.

Not to mention that your pictures has missing content in them

I did say there’s missing materials, this map is like 3 years old.

I would like criticism when the original thread was created on our forums. This was only suppsoed to be a fudging release of the VMF, for the poeple who wanted it and what best way to inform them is through creating a FP thread and not on a forums that’s dead.

Can a MOD lock this plesae as obviously people don’t understand, and rather complain about a silly image, this is why I stopped caring about facepunch and gmod, full of people who’d rather worry about making themselves look better than the next.

No…it’s about ensuring that the people who map here have some inclincation as to what warrents a release. This is a debaucle.

So in order to release anything you have to be a pro right? Wow.

Just because I’m dyslexic, not artistic, not academically good and not very good at mapping I can’t post, thanks for that.
This is 3 years old, maybe I more upto date mapping picture of what I do might be relevant.

I’m mildly dyspraxic, and have a heap of other medical issues…do you want to get into a fight about who has more? You dont have to be a pro to release, but you should have some idea of what you are doing. You should be able to take on criticism, and have some inclination to actually improve. So far, all i hear is more excuses (you are dyslexic, who gives a shit. It is only a disability if you make it one).

This map is 3 years old, I said that my ability has changed since. Further more this was a community project meaning many people did various parts of the map, not all my work.

There are those excuses again. Why did you release it in this state if you knew you could do better.

I neither have the time nor the patience to go through the whole map to sort it out. Other people can if they wish, most people just wanted the vmf to see how some bits are done, mostly I’ve had requests for the traffic lights and the area portals or sometimes to look at some entities or use it to build another map for day/night integration as it worked perfectly when the map was used at OC.

Yes…i really want to look at the vmf to marvel at the way that the vertices are off grid.

Look, at the time, no I was not good I would admit it to anyone, but to people starting like myself I wanted a rough example of how things are done, how they shouldn’t be done and a general insight into entity mechanics. Now that was my first large project that was completed. Unfortuantly I just don’t get any time to map anymore, I do small things every now and then for communities. Help out other mappers that are still learning.

This thread is a prime example why I shouldn’t make threads of my stuff anymore, okay its a large audience usually only afew people reply back. I’m fine with critisim but I think anyone after awhile will get abit angry when the only things they say are bad, maybe you should start pointing out good things and bad things even if theres more bad things than good things.

Why should i praise a map that doesn’t deserve it. That leads to an influx of mappers releasing their fullbright boxes. Yeh, new mappers don’t like me much, but i give praise when it is deserved. This map was not released as a bsp, so people cannot play it out of the box. You aren’t a well known mapper like sgt sgt, so releasing a vmf doesn’t mean much for the community. Add to that, you couldn’t be bothered to release good screenshots on this page, and you haven’t put any on the garrysmod page.

Now, i admit i only downloaded it to tell you how bad it was, in the hope that the excuses would stop, and you would spend some time on it. However, all i hear are excuses from you. Maps require time and detail…and none of the more experianced guys would release a map before it was ready.

The community has been dead for 3 years, its not like I want revival or people to know, purly as a way of letting the people who want it to know.

Look, I have said I no longer have the time to go over this map, fix all its terrible bits and make it much better. If I did I would.

Instead I choose to give gamemode developers a free game server to test out gamemodes in beta stage. Okay this isn’t advertised to stop an influx of 12 year olds. Mainly just pick one that looks decent and send an offer. I’m not releasing the BSP because this version was never finished, and was riddled with bugs, I can’t find the older build, someone else has it somewhere.

All I’ve heard from you is ow this is terrible, ow wow this is off the grid, ow wow why did you release this. So all I’ve heard is some kid whining about another mapper instead of saying hay, this is terrible what you could have done or to fix it do this… That is how people develop, not just saying thats bad. Did you ever get a teacher say nope thats wrong and then give no advice to how to resolve it.

Unfortunately face-punch is full of people like you, ungrateful, un-caring and generally abit of a bitch. Luckily the programming crowd of people is much nicer.

Turn off every instance of eve, then take the picture?