Rp_cscderert fuses

You remember those fuses you had to snap into place in the vault?

What was the entity name again… i just cant put my finger on it.

It’s just a brush with a name, and the power generators had triggers in the slots that made the lights come on.

nope, because it snapped into place when the player carried it within that trigger, i need this effect to make it so you can patch up items then use them in my mod :confused:

trigger_teleport + filter + info_target destination.

It’s just a modified battery puzzle.

Which has, guess what…


As I had said.

They way you described it made it sound like you drop it an it falls onto the platform, end of story :confused:


Btw thank you Tsuyoshi

Lol I’m dumb aparently.

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Its faggot blotted out in the gmodtower gamemode. :3:

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Im sorry :frowning: