Remember that old map from way back in the day? Well i have found that map and have revamped it gmod10 style! Pretty much have changed a lot. I have fixed a lot of bugs and have made it peaceful just like in gmod 9. I have added and changed a lot and have deleted useless/Buggy things from this map. more will come sooner! I promise!
Here are some pictures to show what has changed:





Well there are some pictures for you guys. Let me know what you think and what should be added/deleted from this map.


:smiley: add a garage door. it would be fun.

Do you have permission for captsupercow to do this?

Did you ask the creator’s permission?

Fucking ninja’s man, im’a kill 'em.

couldnt get ahold of him. emailed him serveral times with no answer. plus he hasnt been online.

Then how did you get hold of the vmf?

what do you mean? Found an older version and worked from there…

So you decompiled it?

no found a vmf online. Decompiling would be catastrophic to such a big map like this.

Where did you manage to find the vmf without asking the creator?

Uh-oh :question:

I guessed as much. Which means the brushwork will be shot to hell. Plus as this isn’t your map, you won;t have the same ideas architecture wise. You would be better starting afresh.

If you deleted the vault, I will kill you myself. I will also kill you if you don’t get permission, that makes HULK ANGRY

no no nothing major got deleted. to iron. i will start fresh dont worry

Yeah, if he found it on some random website, chances are some guy decompiled it at some point.

That means deleting that vmf and starting with a blank sheet?

well it didnt seem too buggy or weird so im not sure.


ill work with whats on my platter.

And I would also prefer a legitimate remake, not just a different looking copy, at least change something serious in the map first.

i wouldnt copy it no worries.

You haven’t got permission from the creator, and you have a decompiled map that someone made most likely without permission. You are not the creator, and i doubt you even know where most of those places referance.

Essentially right now, you are stealing.