rp_cscdesert_v2-1 - Hi-res texture update

Is there a possibility that anyone might be able to do a hi-res texture update to this map. The original creator has disappeared and I’m really hoping to see the new engine updates applied to this map.

The original link is here. Thanks for any responses!


You don’t need to redo the map. Just find which textures are used then replace them with higher res textures.

I’ll see what I can do. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

e: He obfuscated the map and I have no idea what’s messed up from the decompilation from that so I’m going to hold off on it if anyone else wants to give it a go.

Here you go wither


I might do some editing myself but for now I’m to busy with work.

I’d actually be quite interested in remaking this, shame the original creator’s gone.

someone should just remake the map entirely.

Problem is standards are very different now than they were a few years ago.

I think textures aren’t a big issue, isn’t the map fullbright?

No, it isn’t.

I’d be willing to give a full remake a try. Let me emphasize, try. However, I don’t think it should just be cosmetic. New stuff should be added and everything that currently exists should make more sense.

In terms of terrain, vegetation, lighting, and weather, this picture pretty much encompasses everything that I had in mind for a rp_csdesert remake.


Or if you wanted to re-envision the lighting and retain the cliff features.


Chances are if you add things, you will ruin a perfectly good map.

Yeah the problem with remakes is half the people will complain that not enough is added the other half will complain too much is added.

You’re best creating it on the same theme but remaking from scratch entirely.

To be clear, I intend to retain everything that was in rp_cscdesert and capitalize on what made that all fun. Nothing fundamental would be changing; It’s still a desert with a small town, a single road that travels through the map, and many places to explore above and underground, each presenting a small puzzle or challenge. However, I want to add about two more locations and dot the map with nic-nacs in between locations.

Thoughts? I’m doing this for a portfolio too, but I’d like to know if the community would actually use it given that it’s good, it was a popular map a couple of years ago.

It’s not just a desert with a small town. It is the gas station from navarro, the maripose military base, and shady sands, with a vault and a few other bits added to populate the desert.

I would say the premise of the map is post-apocalyptic, as the author says. The fallout locations are used as reference.

Yeah but go look at the fallout locations. They’re more than just reference.
If you’re going to do a remake of it, you really should research what it’s based on.

I don’t see the importance in the map remaining faithful to details such as that, especially when in all my years of playing on the map, it was hardly used for a fallout gamemode. The original will still be there for them if they need the map to be that way. I never neglected to mention that the military base, the gas station, and the fallout shelter will be there, but it seems like others thought I was not going to put those in?

Edit: Never the less, this potential map will not be a remake. I had the best interest in making this map in particular better by enhancing the visuals, layout, and locations, and making the theme more accessible to all post-apocalyptic gamemodes, including fallout. It’s obviously irritating to me that there is so much disapproval in spite of that.

So the fact that the locations used were taken from the fallout games means nothing then?

Make your own desert map, or update the textures on cscdesert. Don’t sully it with a “remake”, or it will go the same way as tactics did.

Yes, it means nothing to me because the maps success is credited to it being fun and having a good layout, not because it relates to the fallout universe. There is a lot of maps out there based off other game universes and they are not fun to play.

And that’s why you shouldn’t be trying a remake. You don’t feel the same way about it as you should. I would love to see an up to date fallout inspired map out there, but i wouldn’t want someone to take it on that didn’t know jack about fallout.

If you want a post apoc desert themed map, make your own, don’t ride off the success of a well executed map with heavy fallout inspiration.