rp_csdesert v2.1 fix

Is there any way to fix the buffer overflow in net message from rp_csdesert v2.1?

Probably not. It’s an engine thing.

Which one? the one when blowing up the missile room?

I don’t understand what the problem is with rp_csdesert, I’ve never had any problems with it before.

On a server, when you try to join you get buffer overflow it net message. Buffer overflow in net message is a message the overflow the buffer.

The last rp_csdesert.


Are you talking about this?

I believe “Buffer Overflow in Net Message” is related to the amount of information being networked to the player as they initially connect. This can be caused by the map and is more common on larger maps, but it can also be caused by inefficient gamemode and addon coding. What sort of server are you connecting to? Perhaps the gamemode they are running is poorly done.

If you’re getting this error in singleplayer, something is very very wrong.

It’s on UMLF server and I dont get this error in SP but I can’t play it on SP I can’t move and my console is overflowed.