rp_cupra city

Add comments about the rp_cupracity map here.

Here is a link to download cupracity:

I don’t really like the Lightning if you ask me it could use a bit more yellow.

For the rest not bad.

From the screenshots, I spy with my little eye…a city45 nexus!

Its very small i know. I played on a server in hl2 dm that used it, it was pretty much people on :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay, and naay. seems slightly blocks but i love that nexus

OMAI! You’re right.

Not cool OP. The VMF of city45 was released to learn from, not to copy and paste and take credit for. I thought it looked a bit too good compared with the rest of it. TskTsk

No offense but you managed to make look full bright, even though it has lights in it, that’s an achievement.

I have not made it. That you gonna say to someone else…

Omg nuts did anyone asked you to post it here. I mean this map is a phailure it only looks nice at night so you could atleast add pictures of it with daytime mod because without it looks lame. Im not even start to talk about vertex errors. Man i thouth youre just a guy that spams our forum well atleast you got our man that means you’ve been atleast once online.

But dude you didnt have to post it. Its a dumb map but we only use it because we dont have any better yet. And calling it small is wrong its not that small. Small map is the one that is comming soon.

Anyways dont do this stuff anymore please. You make server look gay not to mention its HL2:DM not gmod. Anyways…