This is a remake of the level Siberia 1990, from Time Splitters 2.

what should I improve and/or add?
Sorry for the big pics D:

Quite nice.
I remember that level pretty damn well.

nice, but do detail that some more. it’s bland as hell. dirt grime etc, stuff to make it look abandoned or whatever you’re looking for

One of my all time favorite games! Look forward to playing this.
Too bad they did not make a new TimeSplitters :frowning:

It is way to blocky at the moment. There are parts where it looks like you made an entire roof out of snow.
Make some decent particle systems to give the appearance of steam coming out of the vents

:drum: badumtish

You should use a bigger dish than the one you got there.

dam this looks good.

Do you know where I could get a bigger dish model?