rp_Desolution (working title- fallout 3 map)

So…what started as an on the side map escalated somewhat into rp_desolution. I have always wanted to make a fallout map, yet have never had the skills to do one. And seeing as fallout 3 came out…why bother.

So, i bring you this…a map based off the original design documents for fallout 3. As you can imagine, its still early stages, but if the drive keeps churning, i could see this done in a couple of months. Lets hope the inspiration keeps going eh?

The seven locations i will be covering are:
Blackfoot- a raider/rancher encampment
Tibbets- a military prison and vault-tec testing area
Fort Abandon- a glorified trainyard
Twin Mothers- Vault 29
Maxon’s Bunker- BoS Vault
Reservation- Ghoul Town
Mesa Verde- Clifftop Sanctuary

The map is about as big as hammer will allow.

So…early teasers:

As usual…input, ideas, comments below.


Basic Layout: COMPLETE
Blackfoot: 1%
Tibbets: 50%
Fort Abandon: 20%
Twin Mothers: 10%
Maxon’s Bunker: 5%
Reservation: 10%
Mesa Verde: 70%

The below video should show the feel i am trying to emulate:

Looks great so far.

Looks like this will turn out well

I hope you can get some good textures
Otherwise you may have a hard time trying to fit the style

Picture 2 looks quite blocky to me, but that will probably be fixed when it’s done.

I really hope you manage to pull this off right, because half the time, Fallout maps in the HL2 engine end up not really looking much like Fallout. (Like gm_atomic, in my opinion.)

sounds awesome and hopefully it will come out awesome :smiley:

Node it please, lookin’ good.

gm_atomic is not a fallout map…it is a good post-apoc map, but that doesn’t instantly mean fallout.


The vault doors will be cog wheel doors, with an opening sequence and internal layout of the old style vaults.
The diagram you can see in the first image will have similar diagrams covering the walls and ceilings around that area. The door at the back behind the sawhorse will also be home to boxes of a radioactive substance (specifically, 20 boxes of weapons grade plutonium should be in that room).

Railway tracks (red lines on the map) are set up for phx

Any questions anyone has about the lore of this place, feel free to ask.

Make the vault door in picture 2 more circular.

I suggest that you use a slightly darker skybox, for a more depressing atmosphere.

There’s already a prop vault door…

Not sure if he will use fallout3 props tho…

very blocky.
But i’m sure because its in an early stage.
other than that looks great. Keep it up iron!

There’s really not… A lot here.
First picture:

Braces look kinda odd. You’ve got these really thick beams on the top and side and then wimpy corner braces.
The wire mesh along the top should either be consistent or only broken in some places, not along the entire thing. It also needs to stretch from one side to the other. They are generally put their to prevent rocks from falling down, so only putting it in the center doesn’t really help.
Wire diagram on the wall looks a little… Odd.
Walls are a little Flat… This isn’t HL1.
Sawhorse looks out of place.
Door has a… Shadow? Looks odd. Maybe a ramp or bad shadow.
Danger sign wouldn’t go flat on a rock face.
Lights don’t look like their emitting. Add a sprite or two or get a brighter skin.

Image 2:
Pitch black light, way too few sides on the gear door, maybe a model would be better.
Offcentered button looks odd… Why put a button on the outside? Aren’t we trying to keep people in and keep others from coming in?

Image 3:
Poster is too big, why another danger sign,
It would be paved. Needs more room, higher ceiling maybe. More lights. More interesting.

Needs more atmosphere overall.

Use a 16 sided cylinder for that door, yo.

i’d say 32.

I’d use a prop

The title should be Desolation, right? Desolution isn’t even a word… Also, the vault room could really use work.

The first screenshot is pretty good, but the walls need to be displacements. The rest is kinda blocky and lacking in detail.

Finally…some actual advice

I will not be using fallout 3 props. Mainly because none of them fit with the old style of vault, and none of them fit with the lighting of hl2. The other issues will be addressed asap

I love it so far. Keep up your terrific work!

Great concept, I support this :).