rp_devcity (You Decide On The Name!) WIP!

I’ve recently started working on my rp map, I haven’t got a name for it yet, that’s where I need you! I want you guys to suggest a name, and by next week I’ll host a poll and everyone can vote for their favourite name, and I’ll use that!

Here’s some screenshots :slight_smile:

good job though


Mmm, thanks guys.

I dunno about devplay though, I want a proper name, as rp_devcity is my devvy name :\


Really nice! I have a question though, how did you make the road so the textures curve with it? I saw a thread about it but they didn’t really do a good job explaining it. Thanks.

They’re not really wide tbh.

The only thing which annoys me is the planks going from that stack of crates, it looks very “balanced” and un natural. I wouldn’t trust walking on that if it was real life.

(You use too much bloom in your video settings for my tastes. D:)

You have to align your road on a straight piece and then select that face, alt+rightclick the inner side of it (inner side of curve for reference) and then select that, right click on the first inner side of the curve, select the first face, a+rclick on the one after it until you’ve got all the sides done, then select a side face, and apply the texture using a+rclick to its corresponding top face. Do that for each and you’ve done your road.

This map is the first to feature fully climbable drain pipes :v:

THANK YOU! I can finally finish my map.

Good night guys, gonna go sleep now. It’s 5:04 AM and I have school today (last day till september :D).

The two things I really don’t like and think you should fix are the oddly stacked boxes and that damn door in the middle of the garage door.

The door in the middle of the garage door is perfectly fine and realistic.

Are you planing to add more? it looks Well Blank

Not done Can i DL and test?

  1. Rp_smallcity
  2. make the sidewalks 2-8 units less thick
  3. the stack of crates should be replaced with a wood storage shack with 3 crates stacked on the side.

Lookin’ great so far.

I support rp_1987.

They’re way too high though. And tone down the HDR a bit.

Is 16 really that high concidering sidewalks near my house are about the same size as a step on staircases.

Also, this isn’t the final size, it’s like, the smallest area possible :smugdog:.

I support Rp_1987, It’s a nice name for this map.

i support Rp_1987 too, but if thats not good enough i thought of efocity? makes as much sense as evocity :stuck_out_tongue: