The map will be released sometime in June, atleast act like the topic is closed.

Edit: I understand a group of people don’t completely hate the idea, but a select few have pushed me too far.

Wowzorz!, now that sounds like a cool idea! Mapping king to you!

If this actually works with the whole lag free enviroment then you could have one of the best maps.

Ye that sounds different I think that if dev textures are used right they can look nice.

I doubt it will be 100% lag-free, but hopefully close. Try to get excited about another feature. The theater’s a big part, I’ll need some serious help on those comic-movies. I’ll need some good prop posers…

I think this map=win

Well now I’m all pressured to map and such. I was hoping to have the night to relax and get back to work tomorrow.

No ones pressuring you dude, except
1337 Juice
and IlikeHL2
That’s all.

Hey, I am pressured to map too, I only released one map, look what happened when I posted about a different map…
I just think it is a cool idea, that’s all

Pressure is a choice my friends. People online can’t take a tire iron to your shins if you don’t get the map to them by Friday because I missed last weeks payment and now the boss is getting mad.

Anyone feel like helping out? I posted a list of available spots up there too.

I thought Vacant was a person heh. Well if you need, signs, billboards or anything like that give me a ring a ding ding on msn, I’m sure I could help you out.

I’d be glad to help if I can.

Am I the only one who doesn’t want to play a rp map with dev textures?

It’s a good idea, but you need different colour dev textures to make it look nice.

I wanted to do that, but then I couldn’t call it rp_devtown. The challenge’s making a map with ONLY the dev textures provided by source, and then getting people like Cuel to want to play it.

Another RP map… Atleast this one is original

This is a great idea, I’ll be happy to be an idea generator/small time mapper. The only downside is that the textures may get repeatative and will burn peoples eyes.

Make like custom store signs using a dev texture like look.


*Directors cut is encouraged.
The goal is 10 full length comics for the theater.