[tab]Name:[/tab] Disorientation

[tab]Author:[/tab] thingshappen

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] A large roleplay map, incomplete and has a few errors

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] HL2 & Episode 2 (possibly Episode 1 too)

[tab]Download Map:[/tab] [Mediafire](http://www.mediafire.com/?jgj6iuxwgxbrn2m) (Sorry about only mediafire, garrysmod.org doesn't seem to like me at the moment. Don't try uploading it there yourself though, I'm still trying.)

[tab]Download VMF:[/tab] [Mediafire](http://www.mediafire.com/?ltjn9oby1qdcdh4)



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	rp_disorientation is a map I started back in 2008 as an experiment to see whether I could make a full map where the interiors of buildings are in a separate area of the map connected by teleporters, sort of like GTA:San Andreas. I found that it is possible, and works to an extent, but it's pretty impractical, so I abandoned the map in its almost complete state 2 years later. I've decided to release it now because I've put 2 years of work into this, I almost lost it on numerous occasions, and I figured someone might be able to find some use for it.

	The map's incomplete, not very pretty, blocky, there's a few errors and bugs, and there's not much in the way of detail. It was made around the same time as botmap_v2 and 3, so if you've played either of those maps you can imagine what it'll be like (displacements are better mind you), but I've had quite a bit of fun messing around on it during its development.

	It comes with a few Lua scripts, which were also made around the same time that control various small things on the map, such as train timetables and advertisement boards but they're not pretty either, however they do the job. I've also got permission (in 2009) from foszor to include his day/night script with the map, but it has a few issues with static props, and they'll always appear as if they've got no lighting on them at all. You can simply move the daylight script if it bothers you though.

	I won't be doing any more work on this map though, there's another version already in the works (but on hold).

	**Features: **
	- Three separate districts, each slightly smaller than the full hammer grid.
	- Fully functioning and automatically timetabled underground system that goes between these districts:
	---- The red line goes around the city only.
	----- Green goes around the residential district.
	----- Blue goes to the industrial area.
	----- All the lines meet up at the central station in the city.
	- Plenty of living space for large servers.
	- Varied buildings, so making up some jobs shouldn't be difficult
	- Good for building on too
	- The teleporters on the road between districts don't completely fuck up your contraptions

	- A few of the buildings have interiors, but aren't linked up to the main world.
	- The map is generally incomplete, there's a few missing building interiors, but nothing major.
	- Good luck getting contraptions through any of the doors to the buildings with teleporters, they'll fuck up completely.
	- If there's a person inside a building next to the entrance and someone else teleports in you'll both get stuck together.
	- Some of the interiors screw up lighting on dynamic props and turn them dark blue, this is a VRAD lighting error and I can't do anything about it.
	- Lack of HDR. At the time of compilation it refused to compile with both normal lighting and HDR, and it was a trade off between the two, either people without HDR turned on got a fullbright map or no one could see HDR.
	- The underground trains also teleport around when it reaches the end of one line loop, but there's no seats on them and if it teleports away you won't go with it.
	- There may be some issues I've overlooked, I've not really touched it in 2 years.

	Note, this video's from a pretty early version of the map, but you can get an idea of what it's like. Thanks though to [leach139/luaduck](http://facepunch.com/members/116847-leach139) for making the video.
	A few of the features listed there are missing, like the rotating billboards and stuff, since in the 4 years since initial development most of the sites have disappeared.

		Overview of the map as it currently is (and to scale!):


		The city area:
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		[table="width: 100%"]
			Entrance to one of the road teleporters, this takes you to each district in the map.

		Central subway station:
		[table="width: 100%"]



I think that’s all there is I needed to say but please, avoid posting bugs here as I’m not working on the map anymore. I know there’s plenty of issues and some ugly bits, but you’ll just have to either put up with it or find a way around it. Feel free to change the URL the billboards point to in the Lua script named cl_billboard.lua though. Also, when you enter one of the road teleporters, the doors don’t close immediately to allow you to get all of your vehicle inside. It’ll close after about 5 seconds.

If anyone feels like providing any mirrors I’ll stick them at the top of this page.


The map’s alright, it looks too clean and the lighting needs a lot of work, but the skybox/fog look really bad.

Yeah, the skybox is like that to work with the day/night script better. Fog is for a little optimisation, but it does look pretty bad. The lighting is like it is because VRAD was already having a heart attack trying to compile the map as it was, missing sections of the map in the process. It was literally as detailed as I could go.

You cant go in any of the buildings?

You can in most, the doors are teleporters though, you’ve got to walk right up to them and press use on them. This is the main reason I abandoned the map really, it was a good experiment but doesn’t really work.

This map is absolutely huge, great for exploring and the unique size just makes this map so much better than others for large servers.

I’m glad this map has finally been released after spending so long hidden away

zzzomg, I have been waiting forever. :smiley:

I’ve waited for this map for so a long time and finally it is out. Thank you very much, good work! :slight_smile:

Looks like you have put a lot of work into this map, and have have done an excellent job. Love the Metro, looks really good. Just as the rest of your map. The only two quarms I have are; As TCB stated, it looks too clean. But hey, who doesn’t like a clean city? And secondly; Your interiors are a little bland, some more detail would be nice. Apart from that, it’s looking great and I look forward to the release.

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PS; Love that video. And the song, getting that now.

Lots of detail was the last thing I was going to consider when building the map, I’d put sufficient detail in but leave lots of bits out. The sad thing is, with the current level of detail in the map it’d start crashing when looking at specific props, which I posted a video about a while back, hinting that I was going over what source could handle model wise, so I tried to cut back on models so I could add them in places that were lacking. Like I say, it was an experiment and it didn’t really turn out too well, but it’s a lesson learned.

what a nice map it is thanks

There is a lot of missing textures on the park the water there,can somebody help me ?.

It’s probably Episode 2. I’m guessing you either don’t have it or don’t have it mounted in the GMod settings.

Great work, but I wish that the visual problems like the pitch black overpass could be fixed. Would it be possible for others to complete it in the future?

What pitch black overpass? Also, I’ll release the vmf for it at some point. Not sure when though.

First screenshot beneath the map.

Oh, that’s more due to the fact the light from the sun isn’t bouncing and lighting the other side of that bridge up. It’s because the light is named for the lighting script, so it can be faded out and named lights don’t bounce in VRAD. I could get around it by deleting the name from the sunlight, but that’d mean the script wouldn’t work, or there’d be two versions of the map.

That train looks really unnatural.

It’s the mud house from far cry 2 !