rp_downtown pink and black everything

what are some textures or any files needed for downtown.
it looks all pink and black checkered hate playing cuz of that. plz help.

You need to own CSS and other source games to get the materials

looks like your materials folder isn’t decent enough to support that map. if the map came with other folders, ensure that you pasted everything to the right place.

i own every source game but CSS

In GMOD click on GMOD Settings and make sure all boxes are checked my friend had this same problem and this fixed it

yes there all checked

rp_downtown requires CSS for textures. Dark_rp requires it for models too. I would avoid playing multiplayer until you can get it, because you will be missing out.

awwww dont wanna wait … need free CSS

It only costs £14, Save up?

You need the game, and you should support your favourite game developer.

Cant you just you use the source dedi server trick or is it warez?

'tis warez my friend

No its not anyone can get them.

Get it from the source dedicated server. You can get css content for free from there. Search a bit on the forums or use google. It’s not that hard and it’s completely legal as it’s valve that’s giving it out.

I got css, i also got this problem, only in directx 8…
I cant use directx 9 cuz im just getting this engine error!

christmas is coming dps**

You can swear here. There is no your mom. Anyway, you need EP2 to see the materials.

Well there’s your problem. Get saving those pennies.

Goddamn 09’ers, so fucking stupid its unbelievable.