Rp_downtown v2 bases

just a quick thread. my question to you is, where do you like to build your house/base in rp_downtown and why?

personally i like the orange apartments near the pawnshop.

The yellow warehouse is always where I built my gangster bases. I would use PHX props to make a second floor, get all the gangsters to hang out in there, get a gun dealer to spawn a few shipments, then commence Gangster takeover.

I would rush the pawn shop for the gun machine if they hadnt fixed it.

Once my crew were all armed, we would sell the store to a gun dealer.

Then we’d later break in and rob the place.

Not sure where it is exactly, but it’s an attic-like place with a small closet. Perfect for printers. Though half of the people who play use a money printer detector, oh well.

Nowhere, I live in a box… but if I can’t have my box then I use the smallest apartment (The 1st room in the building next to “FOTO”)

I make something like that, but make it as a fake ceiling, with a button hidden somewhere out of sight, and have a fake, more obvious opening in it if the police decide they want to know what’s up there.

2nd Building down from the police station.
Easy to make a gunshop,cafe,or medic store there without people trying to picklock backdoors.

Down the stairs opposite the jail, its got 2 exits/entrances and a small cupboard. I normally set up a disco/bar down there!