rp_downtown_v2 VS rp_oviscity_gmc4 VOTE

** rp_downtown_v2 VS rp_oviscity_gmc4**

Tell me which map would you prefer to play in a good DarkRP server
Please also mention what would you like most in the map you choose and what you want the server which runs the map to have

I am asking this because I want to select a map for my server :)And as most darkRP players I am bored with rp_downtown_v2.

If you want to recommend another map you can do it but please choose one of the above also

rp_downtown_v2 is too boring and too many servers have this map. Get evocity, oviscity, or Amsterville.

That’s tough.

I like rp_downtown_v2 as a build/machinima map, because of how large it is. Sometimes I acutally get lost in it :v:

oviscity is a good RP map, but there are alot of minges racing to the nuke button.

Both maps are good, but in an rp situation I would choose oviscity.

Downtown is boring and for some reason most bad servers use that map.

Oviscity is a lot better.

Choose Hometown_1999, It’s a deadly map that you should use, or DM_Richlands.

Are you kidding? Downtown is fucking tiny

rp_downtown_ubyutown is a great map.


It was good for the begging.Now I run rp_oviscity_gmc4 it is really good,feel free to come buy and check:)Maybe you can suggest something ;D



I will check this also but I think im gonna stick with oviscity for now,it so good!

Ovi was overused in gmod9. Now its cool.

Oviscity is my favourite in honesty, out of the two.

gm_shittown_v2 < All other maps of all other games, including pong.

Mehh, both are sort of dull. Rp_suo is my favourite when it comes to cities/villages/other settlements.

This is why:


Beautiful, no…?

:open_mouth: It is really nice!But what I am consider about is:Do players have this map?to avoid download?

If they’re not obnoxiously shallow and have a sense of taste and atmosphere, then yes.


http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=99656 Not to mention it’s only 10 MB, so it’s not too much to download, it will take about 600 seconds. Hardly alot these days.


300 if you have a decent internet speed.
About 120 if you got Garrysmod configured correctly.

Eh… Oviscity needs to remove the nuke button,annoying signs,and allow more creativity.
Downtown is over played…

Mappers need to make buildings with the concept, “BUILDER FRIENDLY” but has enough stuff to be, “Easy Setup Friendly”
For example… If it wasn’t for the fact Amsterville has obnoxious amounts of signs for shops it would be a great roleplay map.

You’re partially right, but think about it, how often is it that you spend the entire evening building, never getting around to roleplay? I think some basic furniture should be around, since that way, building is opinional, rather than “Needed, but simple”. It’s a good concept, but some people just wanna get to the roleplaying.

Nothing still changes the fact, that there are few overused maps, and the good ones, like rp_suo are just forgotten :frowning:

I think there should be mapchange, everyday, every server.

If it’s a community with a storyline, it will be kind of fucked up…

I noticed that there are 2 versions of rp_suo day night.Do you like the idea of a map rotation of these 2 and a timelimit 12 hours for each map so it emulates real life in a way?