Rp_Downtown_v4 Source?

Is there any way to edit the source for v4? Apparently is protected, anyone got a source I can use?

Get off now.

There is a source if you googled it.
Try rp_downtown_v4_d or rp_downtown_v4.vmf

And you shouldnt be taking others work anyway.


I DID google it first, the results pop up for v2

I’m not taking anyone’s work, the owner hasent been on in 104 days and I only plan to upgrade the map and share the source freely, not steal it.

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Nevermind, Figured it out.

Without his permission

It doesnt matter if hes dead.

Its his work and you do not have the right to decompile, modify it and reupload.

First is that theres two many maps were people have just decompiled and fucked up.

Learn to map, don’t mooch of someone else. Decompiling is ok if you want to learn from another mapper, but don’t recompile it into something for you to release.

Just use the mapper’s encyclopedia and get started mapping. It’s a lot more gratifying to learn than use other’s work.