rp_downtown_v4c_v2 Black Skybox

This has been bugging me for a while, and I havn’t found a fix.

It only happens when I enter the middle (fountain) part of the map.

I’ve tried:

Verifying Integrity of Game Cache
Re-installing Garry’s Mod
Googling the issue

I really need to fix this because it’s bothering me…


Anyone know how to fix this?

Don’t bump the thread after only 4 hours…

Anyway, what addons are you subscribed to? Are you getting any errors in console? What graphics card do you have? Does it happen on any other versions of rp_downtown_v4?

This is of of your addons, I had the same problem.

I reinstalled garry’s mod twice and the second time when I unsubscribed to all my addons then did a clean install it worked.

You will also see the water is buggy.