rp_downtown_voxel (Evilmelon update/optimisation)

Heavily optimised Evilmelon update with the following changes:

  • Recreated Skybox (Properly)
  • Areaportal Windows (Seperates map into 3 parts preventing lag from entities and props)
  • Func_Detail used a lot (Properly)
  • Billboards gone
  • New Bank
  • New Casino
  • New warehouse
  • Various fixes

I can safely say I managed to reduce map build time and double my FPS. This map can now run 60+ players.

From www.voxelservers.net with Love!


  • Contagion for some models/materials
  • TopHatWaffle for his realworldtexture packs
  • Original creator of Evilmelon
  • Original creator of Downtown
  • Voxelservers.net community for feedback/testing

DOWNLOAD: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=878589612

While optimization was one of the issues with the 34908723498 different downtown versions, the other was the extreme lack of detail. It would have been nice to see a more detailed map instead of flat buildings and brick walls on the border of the map.

I can agree about having those plain boring walls around the map but the lack of detail inside buildings with props, etc was mainly due to giving RP servers the ability to use their own props and actually RP (Which probably won’t happen)

Really nice touch with the tunnel transitions!

The last time I saw “proper” RP was in 2005-2006 on Gmod 9. I joined a random RP server about a year ago to see the current state of affairs and it was basically either you were a drug lord gangster or a metro cop :v:

I picked a courier class and was immediately banned for “bad rp” lol.

Tell me about it.