Suggestion: When making “another shitty downtown edit”, one idea could be to actually change the main L shaped area (which every downtown map has), or even introduce another one that looks a bit different at the end of the road which goes in the other direction. Just doing that will make the map start to look different.

Great idea. You know we could use a subforum named “Tidbits of shit to tweak in rp_downtown”

Why not take your extended layout and totally remake the map to look nothing like downtown then give it a different name?

Yeah I see your point. But people won’t do that - so my point is, if people aren’t going to put effort in to the main area, people will just recognise as being another downtown edit. It is worthy of a thread because it is a recurring theme and applies to many maps.

Hmm so you’re saying that downtown and its edits are bad because the layout is bad?

I’ll be honest, I like downtown. It’s fun, it has living space and lots of underground to hide shit in. For dark rp it works.

You are right though, it could be much much better if the layout was done better, I would say an S shape or a snake type shape. Easy to optimize and the eextra distance travelled makes the map seem bigger, while keeping options for short cuts under, over or through buildings.
Here is something i drew a few years back as a plan for a map

I do like downtown - I’m trying to fix rp_downtown_ubyutown so that it doens’t crash any more as we speak.

I know a lot of people are tired of seeing it - and my suggestion is just that people change not just the tree area and the buildings out the back but actually edit that corner area where the PD usually is and Cafe Nero. Maybe change fundamentally that area to make it a bit different - or if they like that area so much (it kind of defines all of the downtown maps) then add a similar area very close so that the layout of the map is a bit different.

im actually making a new version of downtown from scratch. I am not being obsessive with identicality, however, im changing a lot of the map to how I see fit.

Frankly, i might even need to give this thing a new name

And yes, I did change the “L shaped” area quite a bit, as in I broke it apart