rp_dttcorp3 - Here it come


Hello everyone. I am posting here my work in progress map. This is a Role Play map based on … Wait, I’ll tell you soon.

** What is “DTTCORP” ? **

DTTCORP mean : Developing Trust Team Corporation. This is an actual real game development studio. ( www.dttcorp.fr ).

** Whatever, why does a map could represent a studio ? **

Well, It doesn’t for real. I created the “DTTCORP” theme in 2008. This is a big tower in a fortress city which have everything to live in. And, in this tower, here’s a real community. A bunch of people who are living in peace into this high defended tower which is one of the last place of peace in a devastated world. It blend warm wood, water, and peaceful place with high technological engines and some steampunk things (Like a clock that you’ll see soon).

** What could a map like this add in the roleplay community ? **

Well, I’m not a real player of roleplay, that’s why I’ll ask some people to teach me some of needed thing and rules about it. I’m going to make this map as much detailed and animated as I can. I really want to see a dynamic way to play the roleplay.
For exemple (during the development of rp_dttcorp2) I did a basic IA which was able to control the whole complex. Door closing, able to find player in a 3D holographic mini-map (This was a func_brush parented with a func_rotating, that was pretty fun and uneasy to find the person though).

** Can I help you ? **

Well, If you’re playing roleplay often and you know a lot about it, don’t hesistate to add me on steam. My actual nickname is : U.N Cbast was her ? and my Steam-id is : Shizzy-san.

** Okay, cya later **

Don’t leave my topic now please D: Screens are under this line, promise.

INFORMATION : This map is now a double project. It is, once a map, but a model pack too. Like the swamp pack, the bullet crops pack. (TF2 Reference). Once released, You’ll be able to use every model as long as you give credit. If you insist I could release few props sometimes

Screens of 01/02/11 [Teleport transition room]:

Screen of 03/02/11 [Community room]:
Screens of 04/02/11 [Community room]:
Screens of 05/02/11 [Community room - Stairs]:
Screens of 06/02/11 [Community room - Vending machine]:
Raw color version (Because the lighting of the first screen is far to be final)

Models listing : [Last update 01/02/11]


Videos :


I hope you’ll like it ! I’ll do my best on this ! Thanks everyone.

That’s a lot of pictures and videos for just one room. It’s a cool room, regardless, but you focus a little too much on the details. I think I speak for all of us if I say we don’t care about the rock model you made.

Your real issue isn’t your mapping. You’re an alright mapper, and a good modeler, but we need more quantity at the same quality. With that many videos and screenshots, I could showcase a year’s work.

EDIT: And by quantity I mean more rooms. Not more pictures.

I jizzed! :eek:

Nice work man! :v:

Very nice, you seem to have your shit planned and ready. Keep it up

Absolutely amazing. I applaud you.

I kinda agree with smashmaster. I do not know if you have a detailed plan for other rooms or if you are just making more stuff as you need it. When i make a map i tend to go for the last one, and hence most of my maps are not getting done (because i loose interest and motivation). So, if you do not have a plan/layout already, i think you should make that before moving on.

But what you have right now is really cool tho!

Well, will you blame me for pay attention to details ? D: I don’t have the pretention to say that I’ll be able to keep the same level of detail. But that’s what I want, so I’ll do my best for it !

Moreover, casting each models is useful in the way that, once released. People will be able to see what custom props they could use in their map by downloading this map.

I never make plan, this is the easy way to demotivation for me. But don’t think I’m going this mapping without anything. Lot of Idea or design concept have been researched during dttcorp2 (has been cancelled for being lame on the source engine :’) ).

More info soon.

I love the style.

It is a very, very, very nice room, but unfortunately that is all it is at the moment. Such a high standard of quality throughout a whole map would be amazing.

I love IA’s
[sp]Gimmie boxes if its not actually a typo[/sp]

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1 question, why would you need an animated ceiling? It’s useless…

I love AI’s since GladOS from Portal :3

I’ll place some vents behind it. It could be use to refresh the air in the room.

Or you just throw open some door.

Very nice, your little fish tanks please me :3:

Irony ? :’) If it is, I lol’d.

After thinking about it, I’ll follow your idea, I’ll make a plan.

80% of the pictures is of fish tanks.

Yes it was irony.

Looks well made and interesting so far, looking forward to seeing more.

I’d be interested to see your portfolio of custom content and attention to detail before you possibly can criticize this quality work.

I admire attention to detail ( and that clock ) as much as I think the Source engine sucks for making detail and continuity possible compared to other game engines. I'd like to see this expanded, and I think what Smashmaster is trying to convey is that you should wait and have a bit more content before showing it off. This is more like a pimpage thread post, but I give you a palette for actually making custom models and not just another generic destroyed village filled to the brim with zombies.

Ye, I understand what everyone mean, I don’t have so much thing to show. But, I still can show you a very WIP room I’m working on.


I’ll make a big Fish Tank on the room. Upper from the big glass. (I’m out of vocabulary, herm, sorry).
I’ll add stairs where there’s hole on the middle of the second screen.
As you can see the lighting is far to be finished too.
And I may make that room on water, I mean, the whole concrete floor will be water, I’ll certainly take inspiration from Venise I guess.

Question : Do you guys prefer me to post often (around 2-3 days) WIP room or sometimes but with almost finished room ? Thank.

Either one works.

You should make the dome on top a model, then use phong, or at least tint down the env map cause even if that was full of water, you wouldn’t be able to see a mirror reflection that well. iirc.