rp_eastcoast wip

It’s an urban roleplay map with some industrial features. Suggested for 20-40 players.

Looking for some constructive criticism and feedback.

Status: complete, posted


  • A four storey police station (includes mayor’s office)
  • Apartment building. Total six apartments
  • An another building. Non-decorated. Total three properties and a basement
  • Bank
  • A Park
  • A Pharmacy
  • Eight (I think) stores / business properties
  • Two separate garages
  • Four warehouses
  • A Cinema
  • Some sewer and underground maintenance tunnels
  • Subway/Metro station

Texture set:
HL2 + CS:S

To do:

  • HDR?
  • A club
  • Bank details
  • A few apartment blocks
  • Find use for all the pd rooms
  • Detail detail detail

WIP pictures:

June 23rd http://imgur.com/a/Xl3PG#0
August 18th http://imgur.com/a/sPhjk
November 27th http://imgur.com/a/EwqWa
December 1st http://imgur.com/a/GdZQB#0 New reflections woop woop http://imgur.com/a/mJKaS
Underground map http://i.imgur.com/kKPBplc.jpg
Pretty much done here http://i.imgur.com/h0BEIBb.jpg

ignore the darkrp on the topic title

looks great, gives me a real new york feel

Way better than I expected when I saw the title…
Looks brilliant, continue on this, could be a really good roleplay map!

We talking about NYC, or Brooklyn, or the Hamptons, or the Catskills, or somewhere else? NY is an extremely varied state.

OP, your map isn’t bad, but part of me keeps getting irked by the inconsistency in the detailing. Some places look like your just learned mapping a week ago, others look like you’ve been mapping long enough to know how to do intricate staircases. Have you been working on this map for a long time or something?

I can agreed with that. Most of it was made this year but the oldest parts are way older. Some parts were rushed (such as pretty much everything on these pictures:
http://i.imgur.com/0zHmDGd.jpg -> fix http://i.imgur.com/32h7EVV.jpg (on right)
http://i.imgur.com/LWui0to.jpg -> fix http://i.imgur.com/ahw2cDc.jpg
We are talking about a WIP, yes. Let’s see what I can do.

Many of your windows lack window frames, which makes them look ugly.

I don’t want to waste any faces though.


Also, you should make the lighting more comfortable by giving it a warmer feeling. If you want the people to play your map and enjoy it, they need a nice atmosphere.

My opinion is that 90% of the time people will rather play on a smaller and nice-looking map than on a huge ugly one.

You obviously haven’t played DarkRP.

There are plenty of other RP gamemodes with better playerbases and reputations

I have played darkRP and I’m sure you know most servers are running rp_downtown. That map isn’t huge and its well detailed for a RP map.

Alright, here’s some new stuff.

The design is already pretty much there. Won’t have any more streets at least, I think.

*a bank
*a park
*some random purpose properties + pharmacy sorta
*a store
*subway exit

*the sidewalk, at least

Didn’t add:
*window frames


Could I suggest using some tree models from Left 4 Dead or CSGO, they would look much better.

How do I get them :frowning: I mean, how do I exactly pack the models in the map?

edit: orange apartment block added http://i.imgur.com/wyDk84C.jpg

I’ve compiled a pack of trees for you, models and materials I take it that you know where to put them?

common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\models right? (I’m using cs:s paths)

How do I know they’re packed in though? Pakrat?

It should be \models\props_foilage\ and for the textures \materials\models\props_foilage