Yay, third volume is here. I’ve tried to improve the map according to the feedback. Thus I’ve extended the map a bit as well.

New features:

  • church
  • workshop
  • a few stores
  • retexturing
  • new areas


Download here

Feel free to report any bugs/mistakes, I’ve already spotted some with the pd textures. Any kind of feedback is welcome anyway, I’ll probably release a fixed version at least.

Fantastic map. Really screams “The Wire” to me, which I love. Any plans to add in any (more?) custom textures?

Eyup, that would be the next step pretty much. Perhaps HDR as well but I’ve had some problems with massive file size with that.

Also forgot to add the last streetlights :x

You have done a very nice job with the lighting, well done :wink:

I would make the lighting just a little less yellow to be honest. You can really see it most on the streets and sidewalks and it clashes with the skybox.

Instantaneously crashes SFM on load, I have every source game manually mounted. Either “add_alloc: no free edicts” error or “Failed to lock Vertex Buffer” error.


“r_hunkalloclightmaps 0” usually works for the “Add_Alloc: no Free edicts” error.

Great work its really refreshing from the usual city map and it reflects the theme extremely well. Please make a night version!

This map is fantastic! Any chance of a night version?

Edit: This is probably the best roleplay map for gmod I’ve ever seen. I’m still discovering new stuff in it. The level of detail is amazing and it’s so much bigger than it looks in screenshots. I’m completely floored!

And the fact that it has a small(ish) outdoor area and a huge amount of usable buildings makes it perfect for roleplay. How does this not have more hype??

You definitely haven’t got enough credit for this, it’s incredible, easy to see the time you’ve spent on it has paid off.

I agree with Disseminate on a night version, that would be awesome!

Logged in for the first time, in a long time, to let you know this map is the shit.

Going to be using it for my Basewars server as it’s main map, when it goes public.

Only had to do a bit of a tweak with Lua to remove all the prop_physics, as they are not really needed for the gamemode.