Hello everyone RossConn here to tell you about my map … rp_eliteville_v1
Ive been working on this for 3 months and heres some pictures of the map so far…

Spawn :

Drag Strip :

Drag Stip Gates:

Gas Station :

Warehouses :

This is all i have photowise so far …
any more ideas for the map let me know…
the release date is hopefully 1/2/2010…
maybe even before then …
only time will tell…

Not to disappoint you or anything, but it doesn’t look that good.

If you give me 5 mins i get more photos

Ok, 5 mins.

More pictures won’t help. Right now you are not producing a quality map. It needs more than custom textures and models to make it a good map. You need to start spending time on it.

There appear to be extreme lighting errors in your map sir.

There Voice.

Unfortunately, there is no vast improvement, perhaps with time it will get better, “Time will tell”

Hi …
Ive tryed custom textures they wont add can you give me a route of where to add them and i will use them.


Yeah its been fixed … And lightings fine

If it’s been fixed, why haven’t you given us up to date screenshots?
Lighting is an integral part of the map, and from what you are showing us right now, it looks absoultely dire.

The new screens are in the first post…from hammer.

Big tip- don’t show images unless the areas are perfect.

Ok … Ive Sent You A Private Message Please Read It …

Why send a private message then proclaim in public you have sent it, either make it private, or make it public, not somewhere inbetween.

i was only telling him i sent it ok voice

There is no need to tell him, he gets told.

im new to this i dont know that |-)

Well obviously, you seem to think it’s acceptable to post pictures of a, well, terrible map and think we will like it.

Yeh…when a pm is sent i get a dialog box telling me. I’m more likely to see the pm before i read the thread

LOL 3 months on this!?!?

Yes, and he seems to need 3 or 4 more, he is fail.