This is the forum thread for me SAVE map edit…which IS NOT complete…ideas,problems…crap like that can be posted here…



I guess my acid trip didn’t wear off after all.

Shit you didn’t share any wif me?

I predict this to be save of 60 Combine NPCs and some props spawned in Evocity.

Explain more, and don’t bother if it really is the above.

or a bunch of sex poses

First of all im muslim and wouldnt do thye sex things because its agaisnt my religion…andsecond of all…i never thought of making a combine filled city…i should try that…

My troll alarm is going off

SirDino, I am dissapointed in the quality of your threads and posts. Please, take your muslim ass to school and learn some english. After that, try using your brains to make atleast decent threads.

First of all i am very fluent in english…and i can abrely speak arabic…soo heh heh…and i am a U.S. citezen i was born in the U.S. and please tell me what you mean by quality of thread and posts i dont get it =(oh yea i like ur avatar reminds me of my cat=)

  1. Give us a link to the download?
  2. You need to spell right, my edit will have a correct spelling of the above sentence.




This is not MSN

every time i open the map there’s errors everywhere

Do you have the following…:Css Hover boards…and…uhhhh…ill get back to you…sorry

no i dont and ok you can get back to me.

I understand no shit

Ok you might be seeing a lot of errors if you dont hav css, hoverboard stool or the map itself…soo far thats all i think you need…sorry


I’ll admit, I laughed me ass off when I got there :cawg: