The long wait is finally over. After nearly two years and 1500+ hours of development the map is finally in a state where it can be released. This isn’t like my usual release threads with the giant picture reason being this map is a bit more complicated to put in than most maps. It requires addons that need to be added. A full set of instructions is included with the map in a readme file. The map has dozens of enterable locations. Plenty of housing and shops. As well as a working subway system, container crane and different areas like the outlands, downtown, and the suburbs. This map may indeed not be anything new or original but it is big and I tried to make it as nice as possible so you all can have a great time playing it.

If you would like to make a donation for whatever reason feel free to do it HERE. All donators will have their name placed on the credits texture that will be in the map and the donations will be greatly appreciated. The donations will not go to any particular thing. What they go to is entirely up to me unless you specify otherwise.

YOU NEED Episode 2 and Episode 1 TO PLAY THIS!

This map is also very resource intensive. Meaning you should have at least 2GB of ram, a radeon 9800se or better, and a 2.4GHz P4 processor or better. If the map runs sluggish anywhere except when staring at the GC Lagasaurus then your computer needs to be upgraded or you need to take steps to make the framerate better. Such as turning off AA and AF and setting your screen resolution to 1024x768 or similar.

Note that you do not have permission to use any content from this map or it’s addons in any other map, gamemode, addon etc. Make your own shit. I did not spend over a year and a half making shit for other people’s projects.



About the Addons

The SVN’s are only for future updates. If this is the first time you have installed it, scroll down to the Downloads section and get the Evocity download link, and the GMow link!

There are 3.
A new version of Gmow which you need if you want to hear vehicle sounds for some of the
sicknessmodels cars. Download below!

Sicknessmodels-Exactly what it is, my models and vehicles for evocity.

Svn Info:

This is only for future updates its included in the zip below.

EvoCity2-Extra materials, soundscape file, etc. YOU NEED THIS!

Svn Info:

This is only for future updates its included in the zip below.

The command if you do not do this the map WILL NOT WORK!

This fix took me 3 months to find. Add this to the command line of Garrysmod.

+r_hunkalloclightmaps 0 

-This fix needs to be added both clientside and serverside.

If you do not know how to update your command line here is how.

  1. right click gmod on steam and select properties.
  2. Click set launch options.
  3. Copy and paste or type +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0 in that text area click ok.
  4. close window and you are done.

Download links.

The all in one. Includes everything except GMOW 3.

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZY279ZCB DEAD AT THE MOMENT


Gmow 3**


More mirrors coming soon.


Sgt.Sgt- Lead mapper, modeler, texture artist.
Sir Zolofto- Mapper, texture artist.
Ajacks- Texture artist.


Sgt. Steagan
Meteornet (Not only for testing for a hour but hosting the map and running their server on the map using an actual decent gamemode :D)


Mr Affinity
Master Zero
Street_Wolf(Thanks a ton man!)
Master Chris
jordguitar(Major uber super thanks a tons)
Hunter, SpAcY
Pharenhite & Meteornet
Sean C
huntskikbut(Major uber super thanks a tons)
Chode Circus

Have fun everyone!

Do not edit or redistribute this map and/or its content in any way shape or form without my consent.

Also if anyone is curious about someone who joins a server that you are in and you are wondering if it is actually me here is my Steam ID. STEAM_0:1:10140001

Hurray new thread, so how bout that version 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Working on moar modulz.

Just make sure the new GC isn’t bigger.


how about that gas station? Can we get a picture of it?

Can you post “WIP” models in the OP? Would be very nice than having to search through (predicted) 100 pages

Also, I would really really like a version of this map without the damn GC! :argh: but it’s not gonna happen, cause you said so! :argh:

Awesome map!

Could be better.

In terms of optimization, right?

The map is runnable, perfectly on my system on low, though, so everything is cool, yo.

yeah, i lag when i look at the GC and i have my settings on high(ish), im going to try that.


And I haven’t even played it yet :v:

Me neither, to be honest. :v:

I get 9 to 11 frames on a GTX 260 near the GC. :v:

Oh jesus the lag is why I uninstalled this map. It’s so bad it actually restarted my PC, for some reason. It was definently the GC.

I really want a version where the GC area is just a patch of grass. A version without the GC = :heart:

Same GTS 250 ‘superclocked edition’

i second this, maybe a park for the chirping birds? :slight_smile:

Already stated in the OLD thread, Sgt. Sgt. WILL NOT make a version without the GC

Hey I was wondering how would I use this on my dedicated, because of that +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0 command or should i not use this map for a server becasue of its huge size

Well that’s fucking useless, and this map was nice. The GC makes it unplayable.